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Maybe it's because Neil hasn't lived here since the 60s / 70s, and Stompin' Tom is still playing at the Horseshoe... I dunno.

As far as musicians go, Neil is leaps and bounds ahead of Tom, but as far as Canadian goes, there's no contest; Stompin' Tom has it locked down.


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my favourite (half)canadian:


i'm also really proud of all the comedians canada has given the world, and it's an honour to share a nationality with wayne gretzky, karen kain, terry fox, neil young, all the greats!

oh, and my mom, too. :D

the everyday normal people here are my favourites too... i like how canada is known as a laid back and happy place full of polite (beer drinkin' & pot smokin') hoseheads.

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On the creators of insulin:

"In a selfless move, the quartet decided not to seek a patent for their life-saving serum, a move that surely cost them a fortune. Instead, they sold the rights to their formulation to U of T for $1 as a means of ensuring that insulin could be affordably manufactured for years to come."

Wow. If only the rest of them did the same.

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alexander graham bell had a house in brantford and one in new england. he was born in scotland but moved to canada early in life. he worked on the phone in both of his houses but the first call was made from boston massachusetts. his house in brantford is at the top of my favourite hiking trail by the river. nothing beats doing mushrooms in tutela heights with the ghosts of the inventor of the telephone and pauline johnson, a great native poet.

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Neil Young came in 14th place! The second highest musician on the list, next to Stompin' Tom Connors coming in at 13th place. Come on are you serious? Neil Young came in second to Stompin' "F#%king" Tom Connors, that's insane!

Tom is a patriot. Neil doesn't believe in borders. He's said so on many occassions. He chooses to live in the States and raises millions of charity dollars for American causes every year. He's more American than Canadian. The same can't be said for Stompin' Tom.

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I feel ill.

Don Cherry makes the list before Louis Real?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!??!?!?!!??!!?!

Honestly, what the fu©k is wrong with this picture? What the fu©k has DON fu©king CHERRY ever done except bitch about sports and tell other people how to behave??????????

I'm ashamed of Don Cherry. No wonder Americans think we're hosers!

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Although my nomination was for Terry Fox, I think Banting, Douglas, Trudeau all certainly deserve consideration.

Dr. Banting and his team alleviated the suffering of millions the world over with the discovery of insulin - remember that a disease we think of today as largely a nuisance for most people who have it was a life-threatening disease for many. Terry Fox was as likely to have lost his leg to diabetes as cancer a generation or two earlier.

Tommy Douglas spearheaded arguably the single most distinctive aspect of living in Canada (at least as opposed to living in the US) in universal Medicare.

And Trudeau, whatever you think of his politics, was arguably our first and perhaps only truly recognizable "world" leader (many folks around the world STILL think he's the PM!) and brought home the Constitution.

I love Terry Fox, he was my hero as a kid and still is and I will probably still vote for him, but those three I think did more in the long run to change the world as we know it, at least in this country.

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how things play out with this.

- M.

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