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Name spelling?


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Many people have interesting names like Summer or Cinnamon or Vladamir...and some might say that a person's name has a lot to do with their personality.

well what about the names that sound normal but are spelled slightly differently...

i mean my full name is David Robert Kendall Newbold...pretty classic Anglo-Saxon sort of deal going on...nothing too out of the ordinary yet...

But I go by Rob and some people like to add the 'ee' sound on the end.

most Roberts spell it Robbie. Well i spell it with a 'Y'...i think there have been 2 cases of people writing me and spelling it right. i dont' get offended or anything but i always want to correct them. Somehow to me it makes a difference. Now that I'm thinking of it it seems a bit friendlier and different.

does anybody else have either a quique name, a name that screams 'i have hippy parents' or a relatively normal name with a spin on it??

and for the record, my dad's name is David Robert Newbold. he goes by David. it's pretty rare that i ever got called 'junior'.

(yep you're right...i'm easily occupied)

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People seem to have real trouble with my first name, Aaron. I work in a real estate office and most of the agents got me something-or-other for Christmas this year. How many of them do you think spelled my name "Erin"? Like, fu©k. Have you ever met a male who spelled his name "E-R-I-N"?? It's not like it's a name that has only recently become popular, it's been around for ages for crying out loud. It doesn't bother me SO terribly, I just can't understand it.

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...and some might say that a person's name has a lot to do with their personality.

I totally agree. When I was in grade nine, I wanted my name to match my "bubbly" personality, so I changed it to "Debbi" and drew a heart over the "i". ("ugh!") I went so far as to have it officially changed on the school computer system, if you can believe it. It long out-lived my "bubbly" phase. Numerous people also helped hasten the demise of "Debbi" by always quoting to me the title of the popular 80s porn movie, "Debbie does Dallas" (which, come to think of it, I've never actually sat down to watch all these years later). So that, and the fact that I turned bitter & cycnical ;) has led to me going by Deb. But the whole "lesson" here I think is to name your kids with transmutable names so that they can pick their own variation.

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i mean my full name is David Robert Kendall Newbold

Kendall? :: Seriously Newbold, with a gem like that it will be forever impossible for me to ever call you Rob again.

You shouldn't listen to me though when it comes to names. I've got the whole Dead song influence going on, but my Dad had to come up with the pretentious spelling of "K-A-I-D-Y". I like it, but it still pissed me off that I can never find anything with my name on it. When I was a kid I always wanted that personalized fork & spoon set. :( Oh well, could be worse. Right Kendall? :o

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