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I am upset!!


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I don't mean to 'pull a Luke' right now, but I am so upset. Too many of my friends don't answer their phones any more, and that makes me sad.

There are just so many 'politics' right now.

I just got a great new job and things should be so good, but all this bullshit is dragging me down. Sorry for my rant...

note to self - do not vent on a public message board (sorry about that!)

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I think I'm better off ending it and moving on. I'm definitely gonna have to play it solo for a while (thank god for that Black Snake Moan movie), I need to lose all this rehab weight I've gained. I had no idea how much heavy drinking and hard drugs were keeping me thin. Turns out I'm a fatty boomba!

HEY! No wonder the GF is being like this!!!

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Man I have a roommate fucking me over for utilities. They're all in my name and he hasn't forked over his share in MONTHS. I'm taking the hit for him every month and it's fucking frustrating as shit. I feel your pain man.

Your solution should be to move to Hamilton. It's what everybody who's anybody is doing.

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