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Best male rock singer ever!


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Don't even bother trying to post a better singer. One doesn't exist.

OK then, lets at least have some honorable mentions. My choices:

The recently deceased Brad Delp

Ian Gillan (for both the Deep Purple stuff and Jesus Christ Superstar)

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Eddie Vedder

:::runs for cover:::

awesome rock singer. right up there with the greats, IMO.

For sure. When all the chip are on the table, and we get to see the full scope of this guys career... he'll be right near the top, if not the top Rock Singer of all time.

He's already played with anyone and everyone who's mattered, and maintained an incredible sense of integrity considering how huge the band got right off the bat.

Following Pearl Jams career has been one of the highlights of my life for sure.

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nah, just givin' credit where credit is due! ozzy & alice are awesome, but there is no loin quiveration going on. now billy or deaner on the other hand.....

okay yeah, bad boys are hot. but so are some sissies. the ok go lead singer for instance!

LOL Loin quivering...

I vote Jim Morrison or Jimi Hendrix. . . w00t!

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