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Large Marge appreciation thread


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Awww shucks! Thanks NewRider, et al. Seems the last couple of years have been a school of hard knocks for the ol' Marginator. Things haven't worked out with my job at the new ParticipACTION (which is being run by the coldest, most frustrating person I've ever had the pleasure of reporting to) and I find myself once again hopping on the unemployment band wagon.

I've been beating myself up over personal stuff lately too. Nothing I need to talk about on here, but really, probably nothing I should be dwelling on out there either. The mind is a trap sometimes, it seems.

I can't thank you folks enough for the random support I've been receiving from you all! From those of you accepting drunken-dials, to those showing up in the middle of the night with a nice long hug, to the many wonderful angels! who bailed me out on the weekend, to those of you with such sweet words on here; Thank You!!!

I promise that the Margination shall rise again!

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I'm sorry to hear participaction isn't the spot for you. Like boiler rat said, you got friends. Take this time to visit, ride your bike, and get out of your head. practise your FreeSoft game. Get writing more songs for us to wail - shit, dude, come to Ottawa and let's get this Flesh and Bone shit going on! :o -- bring Carrie!

You're a rockstar Marge, it's always too much fun hanging out with you. :)


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