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My coherence (not to mention my typing ability) is slightly limited this morning, but I've got enough going to at least start a topic on moe.down.

Great googly moogly, that was fun! OK, we had a monsoon Friday afternoon (which started just after we got the shade tent set up [Razz] ), and it was a little cool, but aside from that, it was insane.

nero blew the side stage tent apart. No other side stage act that I saw outdrew them. (Heck, there were even main stage acts that drew fewer people!) They laid down some seriously ravy nero, even did "Run Like Hell", and closed with a "Condor" encore! I handed out about 15 CDs, and had people coming up to me on subsequent days thanking me for hooking them up, and saying how they had played the CD all night. Does a taper's heart good, that.

JSB rocked the house. They had a one-hour set, and stayed deep into the rave groove, with minimal singing and maximal funning.

The surprise on the main stage for me was Xavier Rudd. He played on Saturday afternoon, then said he had to go to Kingston, Ont., for a show that night; did anybody see him? Combine Keller Williams, Ben Harper, a bit of Lauzon, and a bank of didjeridoos, and you might come close.

OM Trio decimated me: MMW vibes, D&T drumming, haevy funk, even New Deal-y at times.

Lynch was a blast: members of Conehead Buddha, with a front duo playing horns and laying down some serious hiphop.

(Oh, yeah, some band named "moe." played, too. [Razz] )

Aside from the music, it was a joy to hang out and party with everybody, including the musicians. We got set up first, and sort of became the "hub" or waystation on the way from where most were camped to the concert area. We didn't have to tour much: with the shade tent, and a critical mass of people, everybody just dropped by and hung out.



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Only beef about the weekend was the chilly temperatures and the noisy ice truck.

Other than that, moe.down was an excellent time.

I wore my nero shirt on sunday and throughout the day, so many people came up to me and sayed things like "Dude...that band kicked my ass"

I kept telling these people to come to Ottawa this weekend for the nero/bq show, but I don't think anyone knows where Canada is.

A guy named Mike (such a rare name these days), really wanted to talk to someone in the band so he could congratulate and thank them.

I just freaking love the ski hill amphitheatre. It makes for one helluva lightshow and the sound up the hill is fantastic. I spent some time in front of the main speakers and my innards shook heavily. They have an insane system!

That freaking YMSB sounded fantastic. I would love to see an entire evening of them.

My 3 words that I learned over the weekend, "moe can jam"

I actually bought a piece of that Fried Dough on Sunday. What the HELL was I thinking?

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Attention moe.down survivors: Did anyone find my chair (black with a red maple leaf and no arms)? It disappeared from the aformentioned shade tent sometime on Sunday night.



Set I: Buster1> Spaz Medicine> Not Coming Down> Wormwood> Okayalright, Shoot First2, New York City, Understand, 32 Things, Cornflake Girl> Recreational Chemistry

Encore: San Ber'dino

1 with Jim Donovan (Rusted Root) on percussion

2 with the girls of Antigone Rising


Set I: Akimbo, Captain America> Rise, Money> Time Ed> McBain1

Set II: Four> Plane Crash, Gone> She Sends Me> St. Augustine> Brent Black

Set III: Rebubula2

Encore: Spine Of A Dog> Four

1 Just a portion of the song. McBain appeared a few times this weekend, possibly between Buster and Spaz segue and between Gone and She Sends Me.

2 55 minutes long. Very long intro jam. At the end of Rebubula, Chuck, Al and Rob each looped sounds and left the stage. Stage hand came out and turned off loops one by one, came back a minute later and turned loops back on, band came out and segued loops into Spine.


Set I: Bring It Back Home, Nebraska, Hi and Lo1> Timmy Tucker1> Opium1

Set II: McBain, Faker> Kids, It, Kyle's Song> Meat

Encore: Johnny Lineup

1 With Nate Wilson on Keyboard

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Had a great time at the .down yet again. Still love the size and vibe of this fest. I saw lots of great bands for the first time and really dug most of what i saw. It was amazing seeing so many great heads from Canada kickin' around all weekend, made the party that much more fun. I was checking the Phantasytour moe. board last night and was pleased to see lots of talk about Nero (many were saying they were the highlight of the small stage and one or two dudes were claiming that they were the highlight of the whole weekend). In any event Nero definately did us proud and made lots of new friends...there was also plenty of love for Jimmy Swift on the PT boards. Kyle (my 17 yr old nephew) had his mind blown...he'll definately have some stories for his friends on his first day back to school. Thanks again to all who helped make the weekend such a blast and special thanks to Mike, Sharon and Andrew for the ticket hook-ups. much love.

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Special thanks from me to MakisupaPoliceman, who went out of his way to get a station wagon with enough room (once we added the roof rack...and a couple of semi-monsoon-proff tarps...) to haul him, FreekerByTheSpeaker, LJFH, me, and doubleB down. Words cannot express my gratitude.



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The skanks rock!!!!

I had an amazing time at moe.down and it is thanks to all of you.

I had the good fortune to be able to get the extra day off and head down to Syracuse for the nero/ JSB show on Thursday so I got things started on the right foot. The show was good, although the turnout consisted of the small Canuck crew and what looked to be regulars. Too much horrible micro brew beer and I was off to my hotel room solo before nero even stopped (BTW, where were all the skanks to lighten the load after I rented a $70 hotel room?!)

Arrived in plenty of time for the cold, blustery, wet afternoon behind our beloved boys and the badly beaten bus. The afternoon was a little tough, but we kept up a full head of steam just waiting for nero on the second stage.

And oh my god was it worth the wait...... nero came out for the first set and got all of the ears perked up. I would say that be the end of the first set, there were many confused faces mouthing the words "Who are these guys?". The large tent was already at least half full- not to mention our Canadian representation meant that the first 50 or so feet back from the stage was all familiar faces from this board.

Second set and the band really started to latch into the energy from the crowd. I noticed a lot of people booking it from the tent and out to the campgrounds, only to return with a couple friends in tow to witness the sweet sweet nero candy. As you can tell I was doing a lot of crowd watching. I just had this overwhelming feeling of pride- for my friends who would make the journey to lend support, to nero for really working hard at what they love and seeing it come to fruition, and to that beautiful freakin country you all get to live in(Mama I'm Comin Home!).

By the third set I was feeling no pain and decided to don the Homer suit. As the band tore through one of the best sets I have seen nero play, I boogied behind Jays drumkit trying to get the crowd worked up and I really got to see how much the crowd was digging it. By the time Dave cruised into Run Like Hell the front half of the tent seemed as though they were at a Pennywise show, jumping up and down, fists pumping. Hell Yeah!!!! The crowd even caught the Floyd jam so quick, they had time to sing along. After all of that madness, I decided to get out of the sauna and let the boys play their last song without distraction- and it could only be Condor to top what had just happened.

Congrats to nero!

Later on that night and for the rest of the weekend, nero seemed to be a main topic of conversation throughout the campgrounds. I even talked with some of Al's friends that said moe. had caught the last half of the third set and were loving it.

The rest of the weekend was also great, but I was really there for nero. I also reached a personal goal at this festival, finally seeing a one song set- was that Rebubula too much of everything or what?!?! I'll leave all of the other music and party talk to everyone else. The only thing I have to say about my weekend can be summed up for me in 6 words (which I exclaimed at least once every half hour):

"I'll be back in five minutes!!!!"

Oh yeah- and I'll never forget you Mr. Piss Fountain man.

Peace, Love and Nero


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yup. lotsa fun. I handed out 10 nero discs to the people that were freaking out...one guy hugged me and almost broke into tears...hilarious.

Anyhoo, for my second(uh and 3,4,5,6,7th) moe show it was pretty amazing! Now I guess I gotta start collecting more CD's...kee-rist!

OM Trio kicked ass, our camping neighbors (Lynch) were awesome too...Swamp Donkey kicked out some amazing covers of Up on Cripple Creek and Free Ride...the more I think about it the more I realize there weren't any bands I really didn't like.

TMBG rocked my world, and the Lips show was over the top. I laughed so hard at the nun puppet with the big teeth I lost my voice...

So awesome to party with all you guys, I don't think I could walk 50 feet without seeing someone I knew...

p.s. taylor i take it you didn't make it to work today...hehehehe

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Uh no Eric I didn't, but its raining cats and dogs anyway so there is no guilt about it....

My day yesterday was awful to say the least. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I drove about an hour South to the I90 and had to pull off at the first rest stop to sleep. Four hours later I woke up- 4 hours from home in the dark.



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It was my first moe.down but it won't be my last. I had so much fun despite being really ill on Saturday. It could have been nero's fault for knocking all the shit out of me on Friday night. moe.down is such a laid back place. I loved it. Clean bathrooms, great food, lax security and that amazing hill!!! Awesome.

nero was the highlight of my weekend. I danced so hard. When I got a chance to look around, I noticed the tent was PACKED with smiles. Everyone was so impressed with them. I almost cried tears of pride and joy. I'm so proud of you guys.

I have never really sat back, relaxed and gave moe. a good listen, but I did just that during their numerous sets. I parked my butt up on the hill and just took it all in. I absolutely love their jams. I'm going to have moe. on my CD player at least until spring.

They might be giants, kicked my ass. What great performers. Their stage banter and song lyrics made me laugh so hard. They were a big surprise for me.

I have to say that I will avoid all things Flaming Lips forever. I hated them. Firstly, they had obscene visuals. The nudity didn't bother me, but the death and gore had no place at a happy-fest. It made me leave. Second, their music was prerecorded for Christ sake (and not all that good IMO). The drums didn't match what I saw the drummer playing. It's got to be the same show every single night. Blah! Add to that the ridiculous costumes, props and preaching (Wave your hands guys, it's fun. Let loose for once in your life, etc. etc. etc)and I'd call them the worst act I've seen in ages.

Jimmy Swift got a great reception as well. They jammed a lot and had booties moving. I'm a fan and they did it for me as always.

I hadn't seen many of the bands before, and I enjoyed almost everything. Thanks to everyone in camp Canada that I got to laugh with. It was so good seeing you all.

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what a big time good time! totally pro and totally massive from every angle. Great to meet so many skanks and hubbers and finally put some faces to the handles.

highlights were, as expected, nero, TMBG, and moe...especially that final set where they brought out the heaviness that only nero approached.

thanks for everything Bouche! more to come...

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just talking with my buddy marc that just got back, said he met tons of friendly canucks down there

and he had sbd patchs all weekend, he did the beer tent his bro did the main stage, lucky fuggers lol

im gonna have to get some boards and spread them around ill let you know when i get em

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Wicked time all weekend....supercool to see my friends Geoff & Linsie who missed some of their first classes of grad school to fly from Nevada to be there. Awesome. I personally was hugely entertained by The Flaming Lips, although I would have had a bit more musical respect if they had been playing the music and if his voice hadn't been either flat or cracking the whole time. Still, I was in awe of the spectacle. Loved the moe. Wish I would have been closer for the Umphree's, really liked what I heard. Loved the JSB (as always). They make me dance more than anybody else right now. I was sweating pure lemon gin all day yesterday. When I stumbled out of the bus for lunch in Watertown on the way back, I felt like I was underwater. Yikes and yarr. Thanks to everybody for the love, looking forward to music, music and more music for the fall, see you on the road somewhere.

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Originally posted by phunkyb:

Did anyone see the Flaming Lips, how was there set?

I caught them, and it was what I expected: interesting visuals+music, with music that would have been boring on its own. All through their set, I had a couple of thoughts running through my head:

  1. Shut the f*ck up!
  2. Stop lecturing us!
  3. What, are these guys trying to channel Pink Floyd? (Sure enough, they brought out "Breathe" and "Us and Them". moe. also did "Money" and took a stab as "Us and Them". With nero breaking out "Run Like Hell", the first Floyd cover of the weekend, vanguards that they are, I'm thinking of putting a moe.down 4 Pink Floyd cover CD...)

I'm glad I got the chance to see them; if I had gone to just a Lips show, I would have been severely disappointed, as it was an interesting experience, but not a whole of fun to listen to.



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Originally posted by Tooly:

Hey Brad, glad to hear you had fun,,, few of the kids on phantasy moe. want tapes of the nero set? just wondering if you taped it?

cheers bro

No, I didn't tape it, but I think it was taped (but I don't know the guy's name, even though I'm sure I've run into him before).



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From phantasytour/moe:

One of the kindest festivals I have been too in a long time. This fest had the warm spirit of Bonnaroo but with the intimacy the Philly Folk fest. Everyone we ran into was super kind, and it leaves a very warm feeling in my heart. The best was when we all held up the Bear Song signs!!! I have tons of memories and a bunch of new friends! Moe down kicked ass this year!

dimafleck Posted: 09/01/03 7:17PM ET

moe.down is the best festival of the summer...it is perfect to the very last detail.

wiredchicken Posted: 09/01/03 7:36PM ET

this year was great...i dont know about the best but the bandf seemed really happy about the way thing went! al. thinks it was the best .down

dimafleck Posted: 09/01/03 7:37PM ET

moe.down was amazing

it was like its own anarchistic society..with a mock election [Razz]

everybody was indeed pretty cool, and there was plenty of grilled cheese [big Grin]

harryhoodie Posted: 09/01/03 8:13PM ET

one of the best weekends of my life, hands down one of the best festivals i've ever had the pleasure of attending. i enjoyed it much more than last year! so much to post about

I have to agree with Marc, there is something special about the moe.down. The vibe is extremely laid back and friendly, and the music is always awesome! I got to see a lot of bands I hadn't seen before this year and I was quite impressed with some of them. moe. kicked butt of course. I will definitely be going to this festival as long as they keep having it.

dimafleck Posted: 09/01/03 9:24PM ET

nero was the shit.

BBlack Posted: 09/01/03 9:25PM ET

three words...heady!

hempsky Posted: 09/01/03 10:08PM ET


rustyD Posted: 09/02/03 9:43AM ET

OM Trio is heady. I enjoyed their playing.

HI.P.A. is a great beer.

peloquin Posted: 09/02/03 9:44AM ET

best moe.down ever!

oh, yeah...did anyone find my ass...it fell off in the beer tent when nero was playing.

And there are two other strings with the title: nero- Highlight of moe.down.

Just FYI.


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I loved seeing wayne swing that light with the streamers screaming- 'c'mon motherfuckers!!' funny shit. i like the lips a lot, but half way through the show It wasnt jiving with my buzz so i went to rest up for moe. missed the bloody birthday.. poo- oh wells. I like their music a lot and love the theatrics, but i could've done without the execution shot repeted or the naked chick shots. and realizing half the music was not being preformed live.. [Frown] that was the main reason i walked away.

Best Wayne quote of the night. talking to the drummer backstage- 'i like that band on the side tent (jsb), the singer looks like the bad to the bone guy' - hilarious!! and great for the boys.

on the whole- Bigs ups to everyone, great weekend all around, super vibes, super party, super people. Sean Taylor definitley gets extra points for donning the homer suit that humid nght.. hilarious and wonderful.

May the fight for our sanity be the fight of our lives.

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From all reports I expected you not to live 'til morning, Mr. Punk, glad you're alive.

As for my sorry ass, if anyone can explain the scar on my right hand from Sunday night, I'd appreciate it. It looks like it might be a burn, but it could be from punching something really hard too. Either way, it looks pretty permanent. A constant reminder of something I don't recall.

I strongly suspect that I was drugged.

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