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Hey Guys...


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Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts over the last 5 days. I am finally able to do some normal activity, albeit rather slowly, so I thought I’d say hello to you all and answer some of the questions I have been receiving.

If you were with me at Phil and Friends in Toronto when a similar black-out occurred than you know that I have Epilepsy. Usually I wake up from a seizure and all is well, however on Saturday night, I landed on my head on the sidewalk which left me with a fractured skull, a fractured jaw and a pretty nasty black eye that has me seeing double. It has been a rough week, but the end is in sight as everyday I can do more than the day before.

Thanks to those of you who held my hands while waiting for the ambulance. I can’t really remember much, but I do know I was surrounded by love and that means so much to me.

Special thanks to Jazz Hands who offered some medical advice and finally got me to stop puking and start sitting up.

And of course, to the man of my dreams, thanks for making me apple sauce, mushy porridge, Jello and soup, thanks for supporting my every move for 5 days, for making me ice packs, for fluffing my pillows, for getting my medication, for cleaning up my vomit, for kissing me despite that, for not minding a girl with a patch over her eye and for taking time off work to do everything that you could for me. I don’t know what I would do without you Bouche.

I’ll see you all again in another week or so, no worries, I’ll be fine.

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Best wishes. Must admit that I stepped outside to get some air and clear up some mushroom-fuelled wierdness only to see an ambulance and you lying on the ground in a daze. Glad that you're feeling better. Having a good partner is always the ticket out of pain (as I smile to my lurker girlfriend)

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Oh honey, I'm so glad to hear that you're slowly getting back on your feet. Take your time and enjoy being completely pampered for a while. If you need anything, please call. I can get work stuff to you or just bring you a blended Big Mac!

And I really hope you're not too mad that I gave your buddies at work your home address. I was very hesitant till they told me it would stay secret Sharon Headquarters for everything but get well soon gifts!

Looking forward to seeing you back at work and on the scene really soon!


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