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RIP my dog, Keira


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thanks alot for the kind words, I can't help but feel guilty... wish i coulda done somthing... I watched the whole thing go down and she looked at me... worst memory I'll ever have I think. I didn't know what to do really, I didn't have my car near and who do you call, don't think 911 woulda done anything, and I couldn't manage to work my phone anyways, I was shaking so much... i just stopped traffic and carried her to the side of the road and stayed with her till the end which thankfully, for her, wasn't long... don't know what I would of done if she was suffering. Luckily I had good people around who stopped and we all said a prayer for her, to send her spirit to a better place. I feel bad for the couple who hit her, too, they were very upset, but there's nothing they coulda done, they barely had time to hit the brakes at all.

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Hey Karin,

It's pretty natural to feel guilty.......but you shouldn't! You can kill yourself with the woulda, shoulda, coulda's but in the end some things are out of your hands!

i stayed with her till the end

100% the best thing you could've done for her!

When our dog Caruso passed I wrote down all the things/memories about him that made me smile. They're great memories to go back to when sadness creeps in!

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