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Buffalo Dead

Kanada Kev

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So now some people have secured their tix for the Buffalo gig on 4/20(+1) :)

Do you have a place to stay???

The Dead are offering pretty decent travel packages that include a room at the Adam's Mark hotel (walking distance to the show).

Well, you can get a room cheap right NOW at the Adam's Mark via Priceline.com. I entered an initial bid of $69 and got it first try. You can prob get in for $55-$59 though. Get 'em quick, because when they realize that this is a "special" Tuesday, they'll start selling those rooms at full cost like the Hyatt ($179 a night!)

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I was on the fence... so incredibly close to just grabbing a ticket online.

In fact I signed up and was looking in the face of two tickets.

Then I decided screw it.

I'm not pointing fingers... I'm not upset, but I reserve the right to not be ripped off.

I will save my 100 dollars, and put it toward a festival this summer that they are playing.

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Anyone know what percentage of the seats would have been sold thru the presales and what percentage would likely be left over for regular sales(whenever that is)?


I called Music Today this afternoon and the girl, who was really polite, said that only 10% of the tickets went onsale today. The rest would be next Friday and plenty of floor seats should be available.

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Hoping for a WARM April in Buffalo ;)

Coldest Phish show in history.

Niagara Falls Convention Center

Thursday' date=' December 7, 1995, 7:00pm

Temperature: -10 F ( -24 C)

Windchill: -22 F ( -30 C)

It is reported that hundreds of testicles did not descend until NYE. Several never did. [/quote']

I was at that show. The stupid venue only had one window open for both regular ticket purchases *and* will-call. Stood in line for at least an hour, but finally made it in. Only missed the first tune.

Great show, though. Awesome Mike's>Weekapaugh.

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