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Phish - 11/29/09 Portland, ME


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Set One

* Possum

* Down With Disease

* Nellie Kane

* Weigh

* When the Circus Comes

* Kill Devil Falls

* Water In The Sky

* Stash

* Meat

* Undermind

* Mike's Song >

* I Am Hydrogen >

* Weekapaug Groove

Set Two

* The Moma Dance >

* Rock & Roll >

* Light >

* Crimes Of The Mind >

* Pebbles And Marbles >

* 2001 >

* Golgi Apparatus >

* Cavern >

* Run Like An Antelope


* Free Bird

* Carini >

* Waste

Nice...I love Weigh! Mike's Groove in the first set - WOW!

Set 2 looks sweet!

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Crimes of the Mind? ha! Was the Dude there? Oh how I miss the annotated setlists of Phish 1.0 and 2.0.

Shit, I didn't even notice that!

They played Crimes of the Mind with the Dude at my first ever show in Toronto in '93. Not that I exactly knew at the time what the hell was going on...

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That is an unfugginbelievable setlist. I can't see how they played Crimes without the Dude but it could have been a one-off - I'd like to see the first time played on that one. Not just the Weigh and ridiculous Mike's Groove but the whole second set and a fuggin' Carini encore. Fuhgeddaboutit.

I'm thinking it's a bustout in the smaller centres kind of thing plus maybe some sentimentality about Maine and the connection through the festivals. Definitely Bangor '94 (the Live One Tweezer) was an unbelievable turning point moment for the band, it was definitely an end of an era vibe in the room that night.

And yeah I saw that Toronto show in '93 and distinctly remember the Dude throwing rubber chickens into the crowd and one wrapped present which turned out to be an alligator head.

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I'm kicking myself a bit this morning too looking at this setlist. We played a gig in St George NB on Saturday night, which is about 1/3 of the way to Portland for me. I went home (because I haven't been excited by Phish 09); bass player went on to Portland.

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