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Good wishes to Esau


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not sure of the specifics but Esau had to go down for sentancing at the court yesterday... as I haven't heard from him I'm assuming he didn't get his weekends or house arrest with a doctors note... hopefully I'll know the details tomorrow

just wanted to mention it in case it seemed a little quiet around here

if anyone has any messages I'll be happy to pass them along, heading down for my first visit sometime during the day tomorrow

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for my brother greg!

My brother Esau killed a hunter

Back in nineteen sixty nine

And before the killing was done

His inheritance was mine

But his birthright was a wand to wave

Before a weary band

Esau gave me sleeplessness

And a piece of moral land

My father favoured Esau

Who was eager to obey

All the bloody wild commandments

The old man shot his way

But all this favour ended when

My brother failed at war

He staggered home

And found me in the door

Esau skates on mirrors any more

Meets his pale reflection at the door

Yet sometimes at night I dream

He's still that hairy man

Shadow boxing the apocalypse

And wandering the land

Shadow boxing the apocalypse

And wandering the land

Esau holds a blessing

Brother Esau holds a curse

I would say that the blame is mine

But I suspect it's something worse

The more my brother looks like me

The less I understand

The silent war

That blooded both our hands

Sometimes at night

I think I understand

Way late at night

Oh, I feel I understand

It's brother to brother

And it's man to man

And it's face to face

And it's hand to hand

The shadow dance

The silent war within

The shadow dance

Never ends, never ends, never ends

Shadow boxing the apocalypse

Yet again, yet again

Shadow boxing the apocalypse

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just found out he got 15 days, so he should be out in 10... no picnic but at least it'll be done and out of the way

will definately pass on all the good wishes

probably not going down until Thurs now as his mom was just there today and he's only allowed 2 visits per week (break it up a little)

cheers ya all

(have to find out what the policy is on bringing in books, etc.)

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