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Dire Straits


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yay. i think mark knoplfer is a great guitar player.

i even liked the song he put out a few years ago... "what it is" or whatever it was? heheh... his voice always reminds me a bit of bob dylan. "down to the waterline" ain't half bad in my books either. and walk of life. they have a bit of a corny taste but still good.

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I give them a yay based on the song Brothers in Arms alone...of course Money for Nothin' almost cancels that one out...anybody remember the song Mark Knopfler did for (I think) the Princess Bride? He played guitar with a really cheesy singer...gotta say I remember really liking that song back in the day...'course it was the mid-eighties... ::

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Hey Trev,

I love Dire Straits!

And I have been on a big Mark Knopfler kick lately with the release of his latest solo album "Shangri-La." The album is good, though not as good as Knopfler's classic 2000 release "Sailing To Philadephia."

Also watched Dire Straits set at Live Aid on the recently released "Live Aid" 4 DVD set. Everything about their set is great, minus those eighties clothes! Why did Knopfler wear those headbands?

Unfortunately I never saw Dire Straits live. But one of the best concerts I have ever witnessed was Mark Knopfler's solo show at Massey Hall a couple of years back. I was front row with a smile on my face the whole night.

Knopfler is one of the most powerful guitarists I have ever seen live.

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Also watched Dire Straits set at Live Aid on the recently released "Live Aid" 4 DVD set. Everything about their set is great, minus those eighties clothes! Why did Knopfler wear those headbands?

Man I am a big Police fan but there is ample footage out there of them in the most ridiculous getups...painful to watch sometimes. But they rock.

Also, yay to Dire Straits. Hate to be a poser by bringing up the big hit, but Sultans of Swing is an awesome example of Knopfler's tasteful and overall extremely excellent guitar playing. All on that red Strat...his clean playing sometimes reminds me of a lot of Clapton's clean work.

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I absolutely love the first, self-titled album "Dire Straights". I still listen to it all the time. It's great. My favorite tune is "In the Gallery" - do any of you guys know that one? Not only great guitar playing, but solid, solid grooves too. Love it.

I know the song "In the Gallery" well and the album too. My favorite off their debut (spelt "Straits" not "Straights") is obviously "Sultans of Swing" but I also love the aforementioned songs and the album opener "Down to the Waterline" and "Wild West End" and "Six Blade Knife" and heck the whole album is great!

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Hey Phishy K - I was also gonna spout the praises of the first album, an alltime classic and one I periodically have to dig out of hiding to listen to...man, that whole haunting beginning with "Down to the Waterline", "Water of Love" and "Setting Me Up". And talk about living vicariously through other people, a couple dear friends of mine had made a spontaneous decision while in the UK back in '85(?) to suddenly fly to India, and while enroute, flying into the sunrise, the only western music on the flight was one station programmed with Dire Straits first album on a loop, for 12 hours or something crazy. Now, every time I listen to the album, I kind of envision flying into the sunrise to an exotic location (hope they don't mind me telling that story, 'cause I love it).

A couple of other memories come to mind as well. Possibly a couple folks remember Dire Straits opening for Stevie Ray Vaughan at Massey Hall (or maybe the Danforth Music Hall) on one of Stevie's early trips to Toronto (or was it the other way around). And on one of Eric Clapton's tours (Maple Leaf Gardens perhaps the day after Phish played the Masonic Temple/Sonic Temple/Concert Hall), Mark Knopfler was the second guitar player. Seemed to me, there was so much potential for an outright manic guitar-jam packed show, but alas, the songs seemed pretty much true to their album sound...ah well ::

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It's not that I really dislike them - Knopfler is, unquestionably, a *fantastic* player - and I agree that "Love Over Gold" is a minor masterpiece. I just find them a little too soul-less, a little too polished, a little too shiny clean. So, maybe I'll go with hamilton's 60/40 equation, but in favour of the "nay" at 60%.

Like eating at a fancy restaurant in a major city center, the experience is notable but ultimately forgettable when compared to the street meat you had in one of the ethnic enclaves the day before.

fu©k, I love to see myself type. type type type yak yak yak. shuttup MarcO.

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YAY! i have a short sbd show from houston '83. awesome!!

i'd love to send out copies, but i got no blanks..

perhaps i'll resurrect this thread one fine day.

why worry? :)

the day has come.

i'll bring a few copies to the lanc tonight.

ask me for one, if you'd like..

Band: Dire Straits

Date: August 17, 1985

Location: Houston, Texas

Source: Pre-FM SB > cdr > cdr > shn

Time: 66:59

1. Ride Across The River (10:24)

2. Espresso Love (6:40)

3. One World > Romeo And Juliet (15:22)

4. Private Investigations (8:06)

5. Why Worry (5:02)

6. Walk Of Life (4:09)

7. Two Young Lovers (5:32)

8. Sultans Of Swing (11:44)

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