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Windsor (confirmed!!)


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Directions from Windsor to Old School House -> Blair and Mud's Stag and Doe f'n good time!

From Downtown take Oulette Ave away from the giant buildings that are Detroit. This then turns into Dougal after you go over a big bridge that goes over some tracks. This then turns into the 401. Take this until you see Bloomfield exit and get off there (whatever turns you on, sheesh) Look for the big party on your left within 1-2 minutes after getting off of the 401. you must head TOWARD Chatham to get there.

This message will self destruct in 30 seconds...

Approx driving time 40 minutes from the Detroit River to the party...very close. GO!

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i work in windsor half of the week. i work for two radio stations, one in windsor and one who has studios/offices in chatham/windsor.

don't bother with any of the downtown bars...they suck. the university isn't the most "head-friendly" either...i just graduated from u of w, and not once did i see a phish/gd/wsp t shirt or sticker or anything....except on me :)

for a cool bar check out the kildare house on wyandotte and kildare...lotsa good food and draft beer, in the gay part of town past the hookers but a great spot nonetheless

but there are a lot of shows (i've seen moe., ratdog, dso, wsp etc...downtown) to catch across the river...and downtown is 10 min away across the border.

drop me an email... matty_t74@yahoo.com ...we'll hook it up

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I spent 4 months in Windsor on a co-op term. My saving grace was finding some people to jam with, otherwise I'd have been bored out of my skull.

Detroit was a bit of a saving grace, although I only went over 2 or 3 times. I had awesome huevos rancheros in the mexican part of town, and also took a good picture of an Olde English Billboard.

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yeah... last time i was in windsor was on halloween. a bunch of teenagers came up to the door of the place where we were partying, and wanted to hang out. we said, "no", and mayhem ensued. ended up with one of our girls (dressed up as jane fonda) getting smacked in the head, with a BRICK, by one of their girls. terrible.

i also remember a few years back in that godforsaken town, one of our chatham boys ended up in the hospital when he got mashed by a bunch of meathead bouncers.

lovely place

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One of the last times I was in Windsor, we were walking home from the casino and we got to see a stand off (guns and all) some brothers had a bunch of hookers in a parkade and were getting busted, the cops didnt seem to mind that we were standing within 20 feet of the whole shakedown. Kinda felt like I was watching cops but I was right there.

Windsor rocks.

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yeah, windsor is gross. I was at that Haloween party with meggo when the street punks wanted to 'join' our party. It got pretty crazy... there were like 30 of the little fuckers! Strength in numbers. We had to call the cops.

ANd then the time Chewie and I were coming through windsor on our way back from bowie in January... saw that kid getting circle beat by 6 or so guys, then they all jumped back in their excalade or whatever it was and left the guy there!

Oh, and I'm not allowed into the Casino EVER! pfft.

On a lighter note, I have seen some great shows in Windsor through the years... one of my favourite BNB shows... a few C Jam shows... aummm, what else... oh yeah DAYGLO ABORTIONS!!! :D

But yes, Hux, you really must make it to the Old School House and rock it with us! It's only 45 minutes from Windsor. We'll take care of ya. I'll even have a little something special cued up for when you burst through the door! Here, have a look at this map, you'll notice you're on your way to the party! abc.jpg

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holy schizen, is windsor like the new resident ghetto of ontario or something??? mandy! i had no idea! i just thought it was a dirty, boring kinda place.

geez, i'm glad you halloween party goers got outta that one okay (hopefully brick in the head girl wasn't too worse for the wear!), and backbacon, i'd love to hear the sordid tale of why you're permanently banned from the casino hahahahaha.

but HUXY, you little devil you, if you don't show up on friday, i am coming to beat your ass down! worse yet.... i'll jump on every "don't vote liberal" bandwagon i can find! you'd better be there, it's been WAY too long and it's gonna be a sweetass partay!!!

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Right on!!!

I am still waiting for the green light to go to Windsor, but if end up there, I will definitely head down to the bash, thanks for the directions y'all, I'll keep ya posted on my travels!!! :)

As for the TO scene, basher and Julia, do these people ever leave the house?? they won't even return my calls!!!! ::

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