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Where do you rank?


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how does one figure that out?

Click on the "Skanks" menu button. It's usually sorted by user name, but if you click at the top of the "Posts" column (which gives you each Skank's post count), you get each Skank's ranking by # of posts.

I'm #3. :)



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I think DEM, ranking 14th and only having been on here for a little over 2 years deserves some sort of honourable mention– 5000-odd posts in just over 2 years?


indeed. i got sucked in the same week and i'm way back at #54. of course dave was unemployed for a while after moving to ottawa, while i have to fit jambands in to a hectic schedule involving 2 jobs and several hours of cartoons a night.

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Hey! I just noticed that I'm ahead of shainhouse, but he's a "Legend" and I'm a mere "World Idol". What's the deal with that discrimination?

Is it because I'm really not a "legend", in that it can easily be proven that I truly exist, as opposed to a "legend", which may or may not?


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#4 - With my old account. Although the registration date is inaccurate due to my account, but not posts disappearing in the board update in 2004. Originally, it was 02/27/02. I remember only because I was member 227 which I thought was a cool coincendence.

#86 with my current account.

Had I not made a new account and adding my post counts together, I'd still hold #4 with 10430.

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