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politics and jambands.ca

snarfmaster C

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i'm really glad that the china in the olympics topic isn't in the politics forum.

i maintain my objection to separating political discussions from this board. call me simple, but i don't check into all the different subforums.

politics are a part of every day life. videogames, sports, recipes, buy/sell listings are very different, in my mind, and do belong in separate "special interest" boxes. politics, though, affect us all, always, and we can all benefit from reading other peoples' perspectives... something that will only happen if there is good participation in the discussion (facilitated by having the threads in a forum people actually visit).

your thoughts??

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i like having the separate forum(s). i check it all the time, and it's good to have all the topics easy to find (at hand there) for when i want to add something.

not that i'd mind having those topics here...

but i do like that some days when i feel like getting into it, i can, while at other times i can just leave it there if i'm not in the mood to get riled up!

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I think the video forum is ridiculous.

Youtube videos can be of anything. Videos shouldn't be a subforum. They should be included wherever, whenever.

Sometimes the politics forum is a snoozefest as there's only really about 5 or 6 or 7 main contributors around there... say if 1 or 2 of them go on a hiatus for any given period of time, the place quickly becomes booorrrrrrinnnnng.

I wish more people who were interested in politics clicked in there once in a while. It can be entertaining.

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So this forum is just for generals?

By the way, I think it's funny how we tricked Mike into creating a Slip forum and proving to us that creating a forum automatically diminishes interest and hits.

And the argument I've heard made (we're trying to teach people to go to other forums) is as weak as the argument Eugene has made regarding Zaphod's early shows - that they're trying to train the Ottawa public to go to bars early.

Thanks for the training oppourtunities, but I don't want 'em.

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I like the politics subforum. It can get a bit incestuous, as Birdy hinted at - and could always use some fresh meat - but lends itself to lengthier discussions than would happen here in the general forum / Sanctuary / whatever (even if everyone is just always saying the same old thing in different threads). It has a different vibe and style.

Politics discussions in the general forum were cool because they had more breadth. Politics discussions in the politics forum are cool because they have more depth.

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Jambands.ca is not a model for democracy. How's that for politics fer ya? I liked the thread here laminator, but |I think I's a waste of time.I could give a shit myself. I come here for music shit anyway, not politics. I can go on MSN for news on politics. I do like the bit-torrent sub fourm. That's really handy, off to the side away from all the other crap. I think the slip forum's got to go, seriously. It served it's purpose when every other thread was about the slip. I say, get rid of it, or... add a couple other bands that we can talk about, like the Drive By Truckers, a band we should be talking about. I'm sorry, but it's really stupid to have only the slip with their own forum. Doesn't anybody else have an opportunity to be "pushed" by jambands? That being said, even if there was a seperate DBT forum, nobody'd post in it consistently anyway.

In the end, whatever. This is bouche's site to do with it whatever in the hell he wants. Again, there is no democracy here.

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