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It's been awhile so I thought I'd resurect one of my first threads in the Sanctuary.

What's in permarotation in your CD Tray today?

Phil and Friends - 7/7/01 Red Rocks - lovin the soundboard (thanks for the GDlive tip whomever)

Zero 7 - Simple Things - if you like Radiohead, they've remixed it (Climbing The Walls)which is how I got hooked but MAN this album is solid mellow groove

Jimmy Smith - Root Down (live) - sick, sick keys

Prince - Rainbow Children - if you can ignore the Satanish interludes, this album is s o l i d.

LIVE PHISH # 2 - Sugarbush - considering how SHITTY my old tape used to be of this, it seems like a miracle

Single of the month - Ben Harper's Strawberry Fields Forever from the "I am Sam" soundtrack

Book Club selection - High Fidelity by Nick Hornsby - if you liked the movie, read this for how good it could have been

That's it. Looking forward to seeing into your stereos


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Funny you brought this up, 'cuz I just realized that there are two cd's I just can't bring myself to take out of my player.

1) Mr. Bungle 'California' I just picked it up and I'm convinced this is a bona fide masterpiece.

2) Lucinda Williams 'Car Wheels on a Gravel Road' This is the first Lucinda Williams I've heard (a friend just gave me this cd) and frankly I'm surprised I like it this much, but it's great.

As always, my permanent rotation is fleshed out by 'Picture of Nectar', 'is it morning', and 'Shady Grove', though somehow Shawn Lane/Jonas Hellberg/Apt.Q-258's 'Temporal Analogues...' is playing right now, and will be for a while, 'cuz there's only two tracks.

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(no cds, just a buncha new morpheus downloads)

robert cray

buncha old live janis joplin (found one great track of bo diddley live at the filmore -- the song isn't that great, but they tacked on her talking about the show, she'd gushing about how the audience 'finally got it' and exclaiming that she's "SO HAPPY" - well i thought it was cool anyway

lyle lovett

tiger army


(hmm, looking at those, i think i'm blue this week)


Almost Famous Bootleg Cut

- and yellow submarine, cuz the toddler is insisting on watching it 3 times a day

Book Club Selection:

Cruddy - disturbing little ride - check it out


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Phish - 09-13-90 (The Wackamole's favorite)

Garcia and Saunders - Volume 2

Radiohead - OK Computer


The Tick - Arthur Tells His Mom He Is A Superhero

Trailer Park Boys - Ricky Gets Engaged


SRV @ Austin City Limits

funny, my single of the last month has been Strawberry Fields Forever by the PLQ in Burlington Nov 16-01......

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Alright ScottieKing...I've been waiting to see your new frequently played list...

1)blue funk- part of "the blue series" released by bluen note..killer shit if you like real, original funk!!!

2)Wes Mongomery-California Dreaming - great album

3)Robert Gatto feat. Michael Brecker-Notes - A friend of mine broght this back for me from Italy (Rome) while she was there teaching...this also is a great album

4)John Scofield-Steady Groovin' - I don't really think I need to comment on this one...

5)Pat Metheny Group-We Live Here - I absolutly LOVE this album. I truly believe it is a must have!!!

Giggles grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0

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right now i would have to say,

amon tobin - permutation or supermodified

buck65 - man overboard

radiohead - amnesiac

and a winamp full of phish no real particular show or cd.

hey booche what channel is trailerpark boys on here? i havent seen it yet just heard great things about it when i was home for the holidays.

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The Big Wu - Tracking Buffalo Through The Bathtub - really enjoying it - nice songs, easy to listen to, reminds me of the Fat Cats.

moe. 2001-06-22 Cleveland - I still think that these guys are the best psychedelic spiral rock band out there

Moonshine Still 2001-01-01 Athens, Georgia - thanks kk for sending me this

Peace, Mark

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Let's see.

I got a disc tray, so here we go:

Tenacious D

SCI- 8.11.01 Horning's

Phish 12.11.97

Vertical Horizon- Live Stages

God Street Wine- Farewell Shows

Sim Redmond Band

JMP- first disc

Short Trip Home

Bela Bluegrass #2

Ulu 9.23.00

Phil 11.13.01 crazy fingers...

Dead- american beauty and 5.8.77


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haden/gismonti - in montreal

mc ferrin - circlesongs

bob marley and the wailers - jungle dub(lee perry)

garcia/grisman - so what

SYR 3(sonic youth/jim o'rourke)

Kevin o'donnell's quality six - control freak

super albums to chill to, listen hard to, sleep to, and likely do most anyhting to...well the SYR is pretty artsy so unless you're with a totally openminded, free, creative person, i suggest to not listen to this album while getting intimate...it's not very groovy...which some people need.

video - the holy trilogy(star wars for those heathens)

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Lately I've been digging the new Moe live disc Warts and All. As always I seem to have an abundance of Phish '97 in the cd player including 12.6.97, 11.22.97. Been listening to a little Johnny Prine (on the advice of some kids from this board...thanx) and Nancy Griffith- Other Voices, Other Rooms. Lately on the electronic tip I've been digging some of the older LTJ Bookem stuff and Dub Tribe's Bryant Street for a little west coast electofunk.

On vinyl I've discovered this Santana and Buddy Miles disc. It has no real title (my friend picked it up used so there were no liner notes) but man it's the goods.


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Blue Break Beats #4 (on Blue Note)

Hendrix - Blues

Velvet Underground - The Best Of

The Word - 8/2/01 Boston

Phish - Slip Stitch & Pass (always finds its way back in there)

Luscious Jackson - Electric Honey (some stinkers, but overall really good)

And this hip hop mixed cd with People Under The Stairs (fav), Ugly Duckling, DJ Qubert, Busy Bee, Scratch Perverts, etc.

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Lets See

Phil 7-15-01 Deer Creek (My fist Phil show and still my favourite)

JGB 3-8-80 (Recommend everyone head over to gdlive.com and download this one... fantasic shit)

O'Brother Sountrack

LivePhish 06 11-27-98 (Cause it is the only one in the series that I have so far)

Dead 11-6-77 (WOW)


MASH (The original motion picture,not the tv show)


LOTR Return of the King

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Dont make me bust out my "Headquarters" Monkees album when you are over next time Davey Boy (I think i actually have it)

In current rotation ......

Phil and Friends - 11/26/01 Beacon Theater

Drums and Tuba - "Flathead and Spoonies"

Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - 10/03/01 Lees Palace?

Keller Williams - 5-12-01 "The Pie Party" show

moe. - 09/02/01 Last night of moe. down was cooking

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