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if you were to go to a phish show . . .

mikey d

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what is the one song, or many songs, you would want to hear them play the most? for me it'd have to be

julius. i would probably cry if they played it.

my friend, my friend

character zero

picture of nectar

brian and robert

any of those 5 would make me incredibly happy to see.

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every day is different, and that is what i love about phish. i have never had a favorite phish song for longer than a day, it changes every time i put a show on to listen to, and it also changes every show i go to...........to me, that is one of the things that makes phish so unique!

i guess i am just sitting on the fence for this question, sorry!

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julius to open (i would shit) thats what i wanted more then anything in cinci and they opened the next show with it DOH!


acdc bag


fikus or frankie says


and the mango song, or mock song, or round room

im easy [big Grin]

yeah phishn4mango i hear you about the fav. songs changing, now i just say my favourite song is the next one...

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Hi all!

Well,based upon my personal stats, the songs I need most to see are....

Title Times Played Last Time Odds of not being played in 31 shows

Fee 252 2/14/03 0.0%

I Didn't Know 205 2/21/03 0.2%

The Landlady 182 12/3/94 0.4%

The Sloth 142 2/22/03 1.6%

Buried Alive 129 7/1/00 2.4%

I'd like any of those, but also would enjoy a nice Reba, Tweezer, Bowie, or Ghost. Those would be very much appreciated.

However, at this point i'd take pretty much any version of any phish, given that I can't see a bloody thing!


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