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Hood was the most beautiful person I have known...I shared 100 lifetimes with him and I want 10,000 more...he was SO real and would always keep me in check...no matter what...it was refreshing...there are few people that have had that effect on me in my life and I will remember/think of/and love him for all my days. To all of you original K-town peeps that I got to share these last few days with; I thank-you and love you all so much...this thing has really forced me to look at the people in my life who have made me feel good and happy and I cherish every moment spent with you guys because they were the greatest moments I have ever lived...

Everyone be strong...

May the blessings be,

All my love,

Derrick "Gawpo Giggles"

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You are all my pillars of strength, and I thank each and everyone of you.

I love you all................

When the last bolt of sunshine hits the mountain,

And the stars start to splatter in the sky,

When the moon hits the southwest horizon,

With the scream of an eagle on the fly,

I will walk alone by the black muddy river,

And listen to the ripples as they moan,

I will walk alone by the black muddy river,

And sing me a song of my own.

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I didn't know him very well.

All I can say is that sometimes the breakers fail and the fuses don't blow. And sometimes we need to short the circuits and jam pennies in the slots. And sometimes things get stuck that way, no matter what we try to do about the situation.

Even though I didn't know him well, I couldn't help but note his intelligence, frenetic energy and devotion to his friends. Whenever he thought he might have offended me, he made a point of apologizing to me. In truth, he never offended me (which I was quick to point out to him), but I appreciated that level of compassion all the same.

Sweet guy.

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Well my heart goes out to all family and friend of Hood. Im pretty sure i didnt know him but im sure ive crossed paths with him at frontier before.

Life is short, and sometimes we have a hard time seeing that until a tragedy happens.

To all his friends and family, celebrate the life of Hood and try not to dwell that much (i know it is hard)

ps. was hood treyter?

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hardly know you friend, but you feel like really good people... you and the huxtables and all the other ottawa kids...

alright I'm drunk but I'm cryin for you... and me...

you asked a while ago(booche) if I sleep... mostly I pass out, sometimes I see kind wonders that make me smile and sleep... sometimes I just end up happy and do... thanks for asking, honestly... tragedy is no stranger here...

from his pictures, I remember having an 8 am stumbly frontier town beer with Hood and he was beautiful and smiling and full of wonder... noticed and dug his kind groove previous to that over the weekend

scream at the sky, play songs, write some things(songs, stories, poems, blasphemies), kick and throw things if the need be

besides a stumbly laughing beer I didn't know him, but I deeply regret your loss

keep shining

its what he'd want

love you all

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You guys all know how much I love and appreciate you. This group has proven unquestioningly how they come together in times of need and it's an amazing thing.

I just wanted to thank you for putting up the photos of him here. I had none of my own but now have a whole virtual album to remember Chris' grin and dancing eyes with.

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This is the greatest online support group that I have ever been a part of. You all know how to party, and how to grieve.

Love you all.

Like some of you, I didn't know Chirs Hood very well, but he did always try to make me feel a part of the group. I knew him through the Skank, and I have conversed with him on 10 or so seperate occassions.

I want to share a memory that I have...

One friday, before a Huxtable show, Chris Hood came out to dinner with some of the Huxtables and our significant others. After dinner he cam to Dekcuf to watch our sound check. Then we were all going to go to Geoff house for some drinks. On the way Chris was telling me all about his upcoming trip to Vegas, and about moe., and his encounters with members of Phish.

We stopped at the liquor store on the way. Outside was a homeless guy begging for change for the bus. Chris and I laughed that he thought we would believe him.

Inside Chris bought himself some beer, and picked out a beer for the guy outside. The guy was really happy and scurried away to drink it.

I will always remember the look on Chris' face when he gave the guy his beer.


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[Frown] I never met Chris but we did share a flurry of private correspondence in the Fall, that he initiated. From that, I gathered he was: funny, generous and kind. He took the time to share with me his nervousness about delivering a speech at Andre and Lynn's wedding, which was really touching, and made me feel like I have a friend I just haven't met yet. A lot of you make me feel that way and so I was shocked and concerned when I heard the news. [Frown]

My sincere condolensces to Chris's friends and family. I know this must be a tough time for you but if there's one thing I've learned from hanging out around here its that we have a great community of caring people who won't let each other down when we need help keeping our spirits up.

I hope your NYE with Nero becomes a full celebration of life and love. Throw one down for me, I'd appreciate it.

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I just remembered this Hood story yesterday:

At Booche's September wedding, I wrote and performed a song for about the happy bride, from the groom - " Mamma Mia Pizza #5 ". But before I started the song, I asked Chris to yell out: " Whippin' Post " from the back of the room. Well he did just that. It sure helped my nerves and it made the jam fans laugh. Chris was a supportive guy who always got the jokes and created quite a few of his own. One thing about Hood that can never be denied: He kicked out the jams like no one else!

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I loved being in the same room with Chris Hood, just hanging out. I liked just sitting around and then making the comment that would elicit a slap on the back and allow you to hear that laugh... ah that goddamn, fucking beautiful, infectious laugh.... and in an instant your whole night was made.

Anyways, when I am feeling sad or down, I think of that laugh and for a moment the day shines a little brighter. Thanks Hood, thank you for the light that you brought to my life.

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There are so many times, and things that there are to remember, it is very hard to find that ONE event or moment that will really encompass what he was to me.

So, it probably doesn't matter how small it may have been, or how grand. As I remember, I will let someone know, or I will let everyone know any time that it may come to mind.

There is one time, that I wish to remember, but can't piece the entire thing together, and I hope Indika and booche can help.

I was living with Indika, at a time when Chris was at no fixed address. He would be working in Kingston, and living out of a motel that his father's company rents for work, and when he had work in Ottawa, he stayed with us. Those were always good times.

I had no car, neither did Indika, but Chris wanted us in Kingston very badly for something. I can't remember if it was a birthday, or just to come and party. He told us there was no way we were going to stay in Ottawa, and a couple of hours later, he showed up at our place. He had booche with him, and they came all the way from kingston to pick us up, and bring us to the party.

He couldn't stand for anyone to miss anything and would go to any length to make sure you were there and having fun.

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My fav memory is i think from the first time i ever met him - we were at some gig probably at the whipping post but i dont remember what. After, we were all walking together down rideau street 'smoking'. As we travel we notice that we were approaching a scene of many firetrucks and police cars etc. (The Place Next Door was on fire).

To my shock - Chris suddenly hands the smoke off to me and strides purposefully over to the closest parked police car where he proceeds to stick his head right into the window. He's asking the constables what the story is with the fire and whether its serious or what. He hangs out and exchanges pleasantries for a few moments longer and jogs back up to us when he's done.

It doesn't translate all that well when i try to tell it but i was totally shocked and delighted by that move at the time and i honestly think about it all the time since then - its just something i think about that makes me smile as i go through my days.

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I think one of my favourite memories of Chris was the first time I met him. We were at Sharon's house eating and drinking before going to see Drums & Tuba. Chris was an instant focal point (for someone who had never met any of you guys) as he had those dancing eyes, a mischievious smile and such a magnetic personality. He also told me "I have more money than you could ever spend, cutie" which was the best pick-up line I'd ever heard.

We all drank and sang and played that night at Sharon's. Chris and I talked a lot before we left for the bar. By the time we arrived I felt like I'd known him forever (and from what I hear this is not at all uncommon with Hood!).

My cousin came with us that night and managed to get herself right wasted in a short amount of time. I was dancing to the amazing music when Chris came over and pulled me aside. He told me Josie didn't seem to be doing so well so he'd led her to the bathroom and thought I should check on her. She was exactly where he left her, just inside the bathroom door, passed out on the floor. Chris stood outside the door while I was inside and when I poked my head out for help, he carried Josie outside for some air without a word.

While a great concert was going on inside, Chris sat outside with Josie and I while waiting for our ride home. He kept the drunken vultures away and kept me company. We must have been there for a good 20 minutes but he never complained that he was missing the show or his friends or his drink. Never complained that Josie was drooling on his lap. He sat with two virtual strangers to protect them and make sure they got into a sober car safely.

I never forgot his kindness that night. And there are so many times after that when he showed me that same protective nature and "love everyone" attitude. Chris made friends everywhere he went and never hesitated to give a hug or a smile or kind words to strangers as he knew they'd soon be friends anyways.

I'll always be thankful to Chris for bringing me closer to all of you. I could not have survived losing him without the love and kindness you have all shown me. I've gained strength through your words and your hugs. I only hope that some how I've helped some of you to regain some strength as well.

For me at least, reading these stories brings a smile to my lips. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share.

Love and many hugs to you all,

Lucy xo

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oh Hood....I was so looking forward to the first day of spring....when I knew you would show up on our doorstep again....grinning ear to ear...eyes dancing....insisting we go to a patio and calling Sloth a suzy untill he agreed to come....oh that grin...you were apart of our lives for such a short time but you climbed right into our hearts and made us feel like you had been there forever.....I am so sorry for everyones loss...you are all so beautifull.

"We are here to help eachother get through this thing, whatever it is"-Mark Vonnegut,M.D.

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I only knew Chris for a little while but remember the first time I met him ages ago....

I was visiting Gill, Mike and Paul at their place in Kingston and we were sitting around drinking Jim Beam when who shows up in a fancy Nissan but Hood. At the time he was about 19 and he was so cute......

Then I didn't see him again until a fun little get together in the spring of this year where he chatted me up like nobody's business. [Wink] From that moment on I was hooked. I didn't go a day without hearing from him and we had some terrific, wonderful and special conversations. No matter what was going on in his life he was always there to lend an ear and his support. He made me laugh so many times and was a true and special friend.

I loved that guy.

I only wish we could have had the chance to have our lasagna bake-off...cause I hear he made a mean one.

and like he said to me once...."much love today babe....and all other days" cause he'll be with me for the rest of my life...in my heart and my memories.



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First and foremost, my full love and support for everybody grieving up in O-town right now. Hope the message got passed on last week but if it didn't, it's there now.

My memory is as simple as it is sad. My only contacts with Chris was when we were both in full gear, but I'll never forget him just looking over at me after I had incoherently slurred something mildly amusing, grabbing me by the neck, laughing and saying "I fucking love this Scottieking guy!" I know he probably did this to tons of us but for me at the time it made me feel so at home with this particular branch of the "family". It is a treasured moment from a good kid.

I have experienced the vortex that is some of your worlds right now back in high school, losing a close friend the same way. This is the hard road , friends. There will be questions that have no answers. But one way or another, the darkness will give. Feel free to call or write anytime you want.Stay strong until I can deliver this *HUG* to you all in person at New Year's.



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