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I'm Safe (Now)


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Very long couple days/life. I volunteered to go to a sort of mental place where you can come and go and have visitors but they're watching you. It's at 1001 Queen St. W. by Trinity Bellwoods. I will post the visiting times and info if anyone wants to visit. I could use it.

Thanks for being my Family.

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sort of too shaky too type, things are great but it was a bumpy ride

I"m at:

CAMH - Mood and Anxiety Unit #4 (floor 5)

1001 Queen St. West

416-535-8501 patient phone ext. 2825

visiting 9-9

I think cause I volunteered to come (can you imagine kung volunteering to get rimmed - I mean by a man) I have privileges and can leave for walks or coffee. love you all

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1001 Queen not 1101 Queen
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...rather I thought it was safe there's a woman banging on a window til her hand breaks screaming at the top of her lungs and the phone is occupied by a woman pressing nine over and over again. One flew over...it's killing me, I'm too sensitive of others pain for this environment

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