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Posting from Work!


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well, lol...

drink a lot of water... and the subsequent trips to the bathroom give you something to do/reason to walk around.

drink red bull.

STRETCH. this is my all time favorite thing to do at work, and it ALWAYS wakes me up, especially when i'm feeling wicked tired!

aaaaaand finally, read/post on here!! lol, it's been keeping me entertained for the past coupla days, and definitely not sleepy.

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I am in full agreement with Paisley. A good, nasty poop at work can keep me busy for awhile...especially if I have to visit multiple bathrooms to get the job done.

Otherwise, do some volunteer work while you're there. Learn the in's & out's of the building...direct/escort visitors around. Or go to the geriatrics ward and keep someone company for awhile.

If you can't get away from your desk to keep yourself busy/awake, ummm...I got nothin'. Slap yourself in the face. Stretch. Doodle. Fart.

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