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decisions, decisions ...


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New Orleans Jazzfest ...

Ween a block from the hotel,

Friday, May 4th


plus The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Contemporary Arts Center

$34.50 Advance / $36 Door

Doors 8PM / Show 9PM


Greyboy Allstars on the river boat.

Friday, May 4th

Greyboy Allstars

Riverboat Cajun Queen


Doors 7:30PM / Boat leaves 8:15 PM sharp

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I did the Deep Banana Blackout Riverboat a few years back at NOLA jazzfest. I've seen Ween at jazzfest too so I think I can give an honest opinion on which way you should go. DO THE RIVERBOAT! Nothing like cruising down the mississippi grooving to some wicked funk. I like ween an all, but the riverboat kicks ass. It almost doesn't matter who the band is, but seeing as it's the greyboys I'd be picking that show even if it wasn't on the boat.

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All I have to say is:

Life for me is a riverboat fantasy

Watchin' the sun go down

A rock and roll band

With a reefer in my hand

Now look at that wheel go around

Cocaine kisses and moonshine Misses

That's the life for me

I'm sailing away from my heartache

On a riverboat fantasy

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