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I'm Sorry


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Just thought I'd create a thread for anyone who wants to get something of his or her chest by way of apology. There have been so many apologies in different threads this week that's it getting hard to keep track of. If there's enough interest I'll bug Mike to create an apology forum. You can thank me later.

I'll start off by apologizing for The Slip forum. They're playing Montreal tomorrow night for anyone who missed it.

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I'm sorry when I have a drink of yummy delicious milk and then realize there is one less drink of yummy delicious milk in my glass.

I'm sorry when I have to get up and go to work.

I'm sorry when I go to a party and know when I wake up the next day with a hangover, I'm going to be sorry.


This is fun.

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Tell your mom I'm sorry I didn't call her afterwards...you know who you are.

I'm also sorry about putting all those cigarette butts in your beer and then making you drink it. That was just uncalled for.

I'm also sorry that I make you look so bad by comparison. Actually, it's God's fault...I take it back.

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