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I need help Sleeping

mister slippery

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Have you been ingesting any really spicy foods lately?

I find sometimes when I've eaten really spicy foods that I am prone to nightmares or even worse, night terrors (that half dream, conscious, slow motion, trapped in my own body, think I'm awake but know I'm asleep and try to force myself but i can't).

Just a thought.

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normally i'd recommend a strict regimen of booze and bonghits but jebas, this sounds serious

do you drive a lot? right before you hit the hay?

i usually incorporate something that i've thought about right before going to bed in my dreams— perhaps some light reading, even your favourite book that you already know well is in order. don't eat right before bed of course and avoid chocolate and other forms of caffeine

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Stop sleeping in your car.

Seriously though there are several recommendations any doctor will tell you for a good night's sleep. Not knowing you, I don't know if these apply or not.

1. Give up caffeine

2. Give up smoking

3. Give up drinking and drugs

4. Exercise

5. Eat properly

6. Remove any stress from your life

Peace out. Time for a nap.

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That stinks. I know how stressful sleep issues can be, I've had insomnia on and off since I was a child. I think everyone else pretty much nailed the common issues. I hope you're able to work it out. Keep it in perspective, worst case scenario you wait it out. Nothing lasts for ever.

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Not a great solution, but when I was a kid and couldn't sleep (I used to dream that my school bus would crash and we would all but burnt alive..nice) my mom would give me half a gravol...I've done this in the past couple of years after a few days of not sleeping well. (FYI gravol can also have the opposite effect on some folks)

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2 large joints minumum before bed, repeat as needed!! You'll sleep like a baby

I smoke two joints in the morning

I smoke two joints at night

I smoke two joints in the afternoon

It makes me feel alright

I smoke two joints

In time of peace

And two in time of war

I smoke two joints

Before I smoke two joints

And then I smoke two more



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try to sort of hypnotise yourself as you go to sleep

picture something or somewhere you feel comfortable, happy to be at... count backwards from 10 and do something descending, like going down an escalator, repeatedly

might help... if nothing above helps and you get more freaked out might want to see a friendly doc

would avoid any drugs outside of herb... once took a(n over-the-counter) sleeping pill thinking it'd end my plight, woke up with a start 5 minutes after falling asleep and then was way awake, stupid pill

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wow, dave, that truly sucks.

i had a "wake up in a bad place" sort of nightmare recently, and it totally coloured the following day. not good.

now you have all of us worrying about you/rooting for you, please post with updates and or sucess stories about a heady night's sleep.

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have you been drinking everything BUT water? If you've gone a number of days drinking only liquids that aren't water and much of those being diahretics , perhaps you're dehydrated. That shit can really wollup your sleep pattern and send you into mini night terrors.

Make sure you're hydrating yourself. Oooh and gatorade has electrolytes. It's what Plants crave. (Idiocracy - 1996)

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I normally put on a tape of David Cronenberg's 'Crash' and sleep the night away. Just kidding. :)

Seriously though I've got real problems getting to sleep and I normally put on one of 4 or 5 movies that I've seen a hundred times and I'm normally out like a light before the openning credits are done rolling.

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i really feel for you

water for sure 8 glasses but not after 7 pm

most people are having big problems getting to sleep and not waking till morning

blame it on global warming and the moons

our atmosphere is all screwed up so it has to affect our bodys but try reading boring books

good luck

let us know what the specialist says?

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