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What is eveyone doing this weekend?


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Starting tonight, havinbeers at Pisgah Brewery, which is a few miles away.. Maybe a heady Larry Keel and Natural Bridge show depending how drunk we get beforehand..

Then tomorrow, havinbeers and probably some heady mountain hiking..

Saturday, of course havinbeers and going to the Vortex Music Festival to see some funky music (Perpetual Groove, Dubconscious, Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band, etc..)..

Sunday hopefully finding a nice swimming hole and.. you guessed it.. havinbeers!

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Drive By Truckers tomorrow night!! Excited to finally check them out!

wha? where? i really wanna see them again.

They are playing at the Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver. Looks like a really nice place too.

Yeah, c-towns, I'll be out there for a week or so. Might go see the Budos Band Sat night. Has anyone seen them before?

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