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Promoting Live Music : Rally the troops in a big way

Jay Funk Dawg

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Check out this email I just found out on the Upstream Messageboard.

Hey gang, so this is the note out to you all, that we REALLY need all of you keeners, to become promoters for the next 11 days and try your hardest to get people to come out and see one of the best performers of our time.

The show is selling too slowly, so we need you all, to talk it up, buy a friend, a co-worker, a loved one, a Keller ticket for their B-Day/Xmas/or just because you love them !!

Tell them, if they don't love it, they can get a full refund from the hairy guy at the front !!

To be honest here people, we need to rally the troops in a big way for this gig, our scene has depleted over the years, yet we've still got at least 300 fans of our music in this town, and we need to reach out to them all and make them come see one of our scenes crowned jewels, or this will most certainly be the last time he makes it across our wonderful border. He gets paid 5x what he's getting playing this show on Dec 5th, and he's doing it, to see if there is a reason to keep coming up here, it hasn't happened often, because the numbers were always so low, but I convinced him to give it one more go, and we need to show that its worth it for him to come here, that people actually care !!!

We need the Slippy's & Jeffrey's to go out and get the Slammin Jack crew ie Beth, Scott, Sean, Krystal, Jen etc etc, We need Keither to call on all the Bonfire folks !!

We need Spud, to rangle up The Scott Russels, Paul Janis, Paul Rechelt, We need Hughie to call his dead-head friends, and tell them that KW plays Dead covers, and if they come,

I'll personally ask him to play one, so they can spin in circles with glee !! We need it all and we need it now !! If people can't afford the ticket, have them call me and we can maybe get

them to sell 5 tickets and get in for free, we need serious help, as we don't want Vancouver to lose one of the best musical freaks out there !!

Again all kidding aside, if everyone becomes a promoter for the next 11 days and we make those calls, and say "hey im going to Highlife today to buy my Keller ticket, do you want me to get 2

for you and your wife ? etc etc.

We need our scene to come together like it has in the past, if you can't afford to come, offer to babysit for someone who can ? The bottomline is folks, is that KW is going to blow everyone that is there away, and everyone will walk outta the Shark Club saying that was such an amazing show, so why not try and get as many of us out to share in the joy that is Keller Williams !!!

Please do your part, I know I am........Deke

Got it rattling in my brain how much I need to bust ass on promoting these upcoming shows in Toronto. Get a hold of me if you want to get involved in bring out the music fans for the New Deal, King Sunshine & Burt Neilson Band. The live music fabric of Toronto can be a real fickle market - definitely need the support of the troops on these ones - let me know if you are interested in helping with passing out flyers, spreading the word on facebook, putting up posters, getting tickets to people or any other ideas! email me at jay@nufunk.ca



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I just sent this out on fb:

Thanks for signing on to this event! We at Nufunk Concerts are very excited to present the 3rd Annual CanJam Holiday Party featuring The Burt Neilson Band, The Fat Cats & The Gratefully Deadicated Soundsytem on Saturday December 19th @ The Opera House!

To make this a big night, we need your help!

1/ Please Invite all your friends on Facebook to this event follow this link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=185003082682 and invite everyone who would be interested! Also you can post the event to your profile by selecting the 'share' button.

2/ Contact me and get hand bills to give to your friends - I have limited edition postcards and posters that I can send you to post up in your area / at your place of work / mail to your friends.

3/ Contact me about selling tickets to your friends. In areas outside of Toronto, please help organize ticket sales and drive shares!

4/ Help spread the word of mouth! That means let all your friends know how pumped you are about the show and how much fun they'll have seeing all these great acts.

5/ Lastly we are looking for photos of your best Burt, Fat Cats & Can Jam experiences for a slide show that night - email them to me or post them to the event page! my email is jay@nufunk.ca

These type of shows don't happen often enough, so please do what you can!

Jay Cleary



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The guy could have concisely summarized what he was promoting rather than (or in addition to) the giant essay about god knows what.

How hard is it to list the artist, date, venue and ticket cost?

Have you been to the Upstream message board(I have not) or are you maybe taking this post out of context?

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Its funny, i was at this Keller show. I would have said there ended up being close to 200 in attendance (if you all were worried for him). The venue "The Shark Club" was a weird cjoice (think: seeing Keller at the Keg). I'd never seen him before, but went with a couple of enthusiastic fans and had a pretty good night. He played some tight jams but I really don't know that i would seek his shows out again. I may just not have been too in the mood for his mellow stylings after the Bassnectar the night before though...

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He should have posted something on this site.. I'm sure lots of people on this board know people in Vancouver and might have given them a heads up.

Do you really want it to be posted here every time there's a show in Vancouver?

Keller , brings it , but it is Van. , they are so laid back out there to a fault , almost nothing draws out there .

True, but this show sold out. Over 300 paid. Very little for Keller, but with realistic goals by Deke, the promoter, having it in a small venue, at least he had a sold out show.

My feeling is that once you've seen Keller, the second time is like watching the same trick again.

Sometimes my feeling too. But he actually was on fire that night. Danny Barnes really inforced me to go to the show. He is amazing! And Keller really killed it that night.

The guy could have concisely summarized what he was promoting rather than (or in addition to) the giant essay about god knows what.
How hard is it to list the artist, date, venue and ticket cost?

This wasn't the ad for the show. Anyone who reads this board knows from other threads and other places on the upstream entertainment web site all of the details of the show. There were many different conversations about the event.

And yes this was a guilt tactic, but in a way for out here, it was well needed and it worked!

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I use that kind of shameless guilt promo activity quite a bit around Chatham... sometimes, it really is needed. Especially in this town where people complain about having nothing to do, nowhere to go all the time, and when things do come to town, stay at home and guard the couch instead. It works... and it's a bit of an eye-opener for the 'keeners' who do care about bringing live entertainment to their towns and what they need to do (support) in order to make it happen.

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