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Happy Birthday PALACE PRINCESS!!!!!!


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Oh today is a special day indeed - today is the day the other half of my soul was born! And hell, if that ain't cause for celebration, i don't know WHAT is!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY!!!!! I hope you are having a splendid day my sweet!

I thank Boognish every day for the luck i had that early morning in March. In a warehouse full of 30,000 people at a party called Connected our paths crossed at the left hand speaker. We stopped dead in our tracks, looked at eachother and sat down to start a conversation... a conversation that STILL hasn't finished to this day.

I'm so glad I have you for a friend - without you the world would be dull and my life would be boring.... BOOOORRRRING SIDNEY!

Hope all your wishes come true this year (especially the one where you win a million dollars and share it with me ;) )

lots of hugs and lots of kisses.... you're the best and I cherish every moment we spend together.



(picture taken December 1998)

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Hope your day is filled with marvel and splendor! I'm so happy to have met such a kind soul.......and so much positive energy!

Hope your recital ROCKED!!

I"m with chase

Hip Hip Hooray

Hip Hip Hooray

Hip Hip Hooray!!

(LMP, glad to see that insta-gator got you, Del-Head, Schwa adn Thorgnor home okay!)

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Hey, it's been a pleasure to meet you and see your smiling face out at the shows we both end up at (and I'm sure you make it to far more than me these days). I hope you have a stupendous birthday, and look forward to the day when we manage to have a long-winded conversation too ::

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Happy birthday Becky! It's been a treat getting to know you and partying with you over the last year. When I'm out at a show or party it's always a treat to see you there with your smiling face & pure positive energy ... and I always like a woman that loves to dance!::!

See you on Friday ...

Peace, Mark

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Ahhhhhhhhh, that was one Sweet Post here LittleMiss :o.....Almost got goose bumps......

---------HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS BECKY!!!!!!---------

I hope you have a wonderful day!!!! Any birthday celebrations in K-Town tonight???? Well, whatever you do I hope its filled with lots of suger, love and laughter :D :D.....Well hope to see you soon my dear. "I just want to celebrate....." :P

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You are one of the coolest, most interesting, nicest, cutest, happiest, friendliest people that I've had to pleasure to have met over the last several years! I hope this year brings you dump-trucks of joy and oceans of happiness!

Here's to you girl!

Love and peace,


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