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songs you'd like to hear zero cover....


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StoneMtn, I wish it were true as well, they have played some reunion gigs in the last few years.....Greg Anton (sax) and Chip Roland (keys) are still very active in certain circles (I never cared much for the vocalist). Classic Kimock, back when he was so timid he would hide behind the amps facing the drummer....now he actually addresses the crowd by talking into the mic! WOW!

Okay Zero, I'll bite...if you are taking requests, how bout "Shut yer pie-hole"...you might not know that one though....

KIDDING! :: :o :: :D ::



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Through the Iron Gate

Memory comes to late

Closing up a window while you and I hesitate

I will look to you and you to me

In between the space we chase the tune we dream so Lazilee

I get tossed like a bone

To the dogs in the sky

And knowing is a gathering a gathering of eyes

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Oddly enough, and this is revealing alot, my first date was to Beaches starring Deborah Hershey and Bette Midler. I was later accused of pulling the yawn, a total farce, and welled up (which my date, the heartless bitch that she was, didn't).

And I can fly higher than an eagle.....

Cause you are the wind beneath my wings

Thank You

Thank You

Thank God For You

The Wind Beneath My Wings

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