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[color:green]Happy Bday Mikey!!!

Hope you rang in your 30th raging last night in Ottawa - - we will party it up GOOD this weekend... a bottle of Caption Ye Ole John Long Fish perhaps??!!!


Keep on rockin' princess!!! :P :grin:

xoxo my friend,



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Oh Flip'o'sandwhich, happy happy birthday to you buddy! Please continue to party decade #3 up in style (as I know you will)...just make sure you can still play yer geeetar come Friday night. ;) Hahaha!

I've got you marked down for some delicious shots of Jager tomorrow night. Hope that thought isn't making you too queasy right now. :)

Wishing you the best of health, happiness, success and laughter in the coming year Mikey! You are a delight to listen to, a great friend to chat with on road trips and someone I can always depend on to stay awake and party when all the others are gettin' weak. ;)

:cool: [color:green]HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKEY!!! :cool:

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Happy birthday Mike.

There's a futon stumbling distance from the bar with your name on it if you need it.

Thanks for all your help over the last 6 months ... good luck tonight and much success in the next decade ;-)

See you at the Vinyl in Gelf.


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How lucky we were to be able to spend the big day with you Mike. Thanks again for rockin' my world.

That may be the last time you see my ass until you turn 40 and you missed it. The eyes are the first to go you know. ;) Or perhaps it was your older wisdom that had you turn away from Booches old ass. Good move.

Happy birthday my friend. May the year bring you the same amount of happiness that you bring others.

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