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Happy Birthday Deeps!


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[color:red]H[color:green]A[color:blue]P[color:purple]P[color:orange]Y [color:brown]B[color:red]I[color:green]R[color:blue]T[color:purple]H[color:orange]D[color:brown]A[color:red]Y [color:green]D[color:blue]E[color:purple]E[color:orange]P[color:brown]S[color:red]![color:green]!

Hope you have a great celebration.

.....your posts rock....I value your contributions to the discussions 'round here!

'Cept when you dis the Grateful Dead. Don't ever do that again. ;)

I'll see you rock in person on the 28th!!!

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Thanks for the well wishes guys. My age of 27 year was a good year. Happy to have met you all or E-met you as the case may be.

This coming year is starting off quite nicely. We were in the studio this weekend and I actually didn't play like an uptight little bitch like in previous studio experiences.

It was the best early b-day present I could have asked for.

See you all soon, me hopes.


PS J'aime le Dead....MarcO and the Mrs. have converted me. Jambands.com folk on the other hand are the worst posters in the league

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