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raddest dog ever


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my dawg PATCHES!!!! [hey i got her in grade 7, patches seemed like a good name]. please feel free to add pictures of the special ones in your life. ::

(okay apparently Patches doesn't feel like being splashed all over the internet today, i can never figure this sh!t out)


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gad pat, that 3rd pic down... um, i think i'm just not going to comment. all the perverts in the house say whooa-ooah!

these are all beautiful pups. i have no pics but my parents' mini-golden retriever definitely gets an honourable mention here! she was the runt of the litter, so she's WAY smaller than your standard golden retriever, but she acts like she owns the place (if she wants to sit where you are sitting, she will climb up and snake her way behind you and go to sleep. your seat's gone for good heaven forbid you have to get out of it for any reason!) and she has adorable kickass hugely long eyelashes. awwwww.

and i don't care what anyone says, mr. winkes is the raddest dog ever!!!



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is that a corgi? i want a corgi someday maybe. i like the big ears.

yep.. she's a corgi.. my only suggestion to you, get a Cardigan Welsh Corgi (like Tela) as supposed to a Pembrooke Welsh Corgi (like what the Queen has). The Cardigans are way cooler :)

and Booche.. umm.. yeah.. :)

man that looks bad eh.. didn't even notice it.. ha ha!!

it's a bone.. honest.. oh wait.. that sounds just as bad doesn't it..


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