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ROLL CALL!!! (for guess where?)


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so this is probably a shocking revelation, but i kinda dig that band, the ween. i heard they're coming to toronto tomorrow. i think i'm gonna head down & check 'em out. you know, all casual-like & stuff.

and i was just kinda wondering, who is going to be there too???

are you dressing up? if so, what are you going to dress up as? (if you care to share of course... i'll come say hi if i see you!)

also a question for native torontonians or anyone who's been to the docks lately when it's jammed to the tits. i haven't been there since it had more of an abandoned warehouse type of ambience back in the sweaty, writhing rave days i can barely remember. am i going to be hot as a mofo in there with tomorrow's sold out capacity? i need to know for costuming purposes.

*disclaimer* i know there's lots of ween threads right now that all sort of touch on this very subject in one corner or another, but every forum can use more ween threads! :) and now we have an official costume thread for said show too! with the latest & greatest breaking updates on who will be there!!! whoohooo!


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