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Happy Birthday LMP


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WHOOOHOOO!!!!! huge giant birthday cheers to you, pink lady!



here's to the best partner in crime ever, and my favourite in the world to dance with, play the piano with, gossip with, bitch about things with, snack with, pogo-ball with, gnome hunt with, RAVE with, girlie road trip with, gush about ween with, arts & crafts with, host girlie parties with, make lists with, plan sometimes sinister but always exciting things with, watch amélie with, see dance things like cirque & ballet with, tap with, ctmf with, harrass dumb recorder-playing neighbours with, and last, but certainly not least, fu©kin' GIVE'R WITH! WHOOHOOO!

i hope your day is wonderful, relaxing, productive, and ALL ABOUT YOU, YOU, YOU!!!!!!!! the baby can join in the party for once, today is just about YOU. ::

get the ultimate feast tonight. it's so worth it. mmmmmmmmm

hope your birthday is just peachy, miranda!





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gosh, thanks everyone! So far my day has been great! Gator didn't infact forget my birthday (I'm sure most of you know I would never let that happen.. haha!) But just so you all keep thinking he's a macho man, i'll keep that sensitive side a secret for now.

Saturday night we're having a little gathering at my place to celebrate - and you're all invited to come if you want! Email me if you need directions to my place. pink@nacns.com

Again, thanks for the wishes... you all make me smile so big!

big hugs and kisses going out to all of you!

PS - sari, that picture is hilarious - it must have been taken after my trip from Alaska. I was hunting wolverines.

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