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tungsten gruvsten is tying the knot!


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***thread formerly known as, "what's everyone doing this saturday"; title of thread changed "for obvious reasons", to quote POG... ;)***

and, congrats eric & denise!! your wedding is going to have a wicked soundtrack, i just know it... :D


it is a really beautiful morning (noon) here in ottawa... the sun is shining, it's not biting-cold out, there are little flurries blowing around gently which make the air look like it's got a bit of a sparkle to it, the city is quiet and peaceful... something about early-ish mornings in a downtown, on a weekend when people aren't doing their rushing around... i just love it.

personally... i dunno what i should do! the weather makes me feel somewhat inspired to do some outdoor physical activity but i have no idea what. i have this fear of walking anywhere since i fell the other day, hahaha... i guess i could just enjoy it through my big window with a book and a coffee and some jazz.... again: o how i love weekends. have a good one, fine people! :: ::

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