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so whats everyone doing for New Years?

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so sitting here studying for an exam i have tommorow....i begin to wonder...

why must every thread I am apart of, or start, provoke douches to take jabs at me?

i simply wanted to know what people were doing for new years...becuase i was geniunely curious...

saying things like "betcha 5 bucks its better than tiesto...eww"

and "tiesto....that explains a tonne"

that shit isn't nessessary... would you guys be saying that if it was some one like i dunno.... ThePatGuy starting a thread.... no..you wouldn't.

frankly, i'm very dissapointed in many of you.

since when is it fashionable to treat dimafleck like scum???

but hey...you know what they say about fashion...its like a pack of hounds on a scent... only the lead dog has a scent...the rest are just following assholes.

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not too sure waht im doing although the moe nye in nyc and umphreys in chicago sound tasty...what i really wanna do is drive down to nyc and stay in a hostel (i did that other weekend it was awosme, 30 bucks a nite) and see the mule for two nights and then the moe. new years show...

but what ill probably do is sit at my friends house and drink...:)

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My new years eve will consist of Fondue and this marble rock thing that ya put tasty things on. Hopfully the moon is out. Ill watch the ball drop in New York on TV. This should be a good night with my "Expecting amarican girlfriend" I haven't seen since nov.1st. THe FunDue will consist of a peanut oil fondue with many meats and vegetables to cook. A chocolat fondue with strawberries and pinabble. ANd this Rock thingy with some honk'in shrimp and some other seafood Thingers. There are lots of Great events going on if i was to pick on that i was going to goto it would be Pepper jacks.. That looks like a great time.

I hope that everyone has Great Happy Holidays. And keeps safe and warm.

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