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Moving to Uganda!!


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Hey all,

I just got news in today that I was chosen to do a CIDA internship in Kampala, Uganda!! The internship is organized through Mines Action Canada and the overseas host organization is Canadian Physicians for Aid & Relief (CPAR). I am ecstatic about it! CPAR are a small but very well organized NGO that does some really good work. I wrote a proposal for them earlier this year.. I'll be doing some mine action work (largely working with mine victims, helping them to create economic opportunities for themselves) and also working on some food security projects in rural areas.

I'll be up in Ottawa in late-August for a week of training and then flying out! I will definitely keep in touch with tales of musical misadventures.




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Great show, and that's a great country to be in! Ugandans I have worked with seem to have an endless ability to smile.Is your training with CIL or with Mines Action?

I'll PM my number and if you're free we can meet up for a beer in August.

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Shain - If I have a couch, I will be glad to send an open invite! (that goes for everyone)

Can'O - Cool I didn't know Ian was from Uganda. I'll definitely speak to him soon.

Adam - sounds good! I believe my training is at the MAC office, not sure if there is a CIL component. I am going to see Dr. Mark Wise in a week or two by the way (who I believe is part of the CIL training).

Thanks again all for the well wishes!

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