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All things HURON (now with video and mad Ontario tourdates)


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Here's the link if you don't care about the story: latentrecordings.com/huron

Here's the story:

I'm in a band called Huron, along with another guy you might know, my pal Adam Melnick (kookycanooky on this board). We've completed our debut record, which will be released on Latent Recordings (Cowboy Junkies' label) in early March next year. In the meantime though, the record is complete and pressed and we've been doing a few unofficial record release parties around Ontario in conjunction with our friend Ian Blurton, who also produced the record. Ian has his own solo record coming out and we're acting as his backing band at these shows - a Huron set, followed by one or two sets from "Ian Blurton's Happy Endings" (depending on time constraints). The shows have become very jammy and I keep saying that you folks on this board would really love what we're doing (in my humblest of opinions).

In any event, our label is streaming the entire record on their site now and I thought maybe some of you might like to hear it. If you like it, we'd love for you to pick one up when we come through your town; either that or you can purchase it online right there on the site (iTunes coming with official release in March); or if you prefer vinyl, it's on the way and we should have it early next year.

Here are our upcoming dates with Ian:

Wed Nov 25 Dakota Tavern, Toronto

Wed Dec 2 Red Dog, Peterborough

Thu Dec 3 Green Room, Montreal

Fri Dec 4 Toucan, Kingston

Sat Dec 5 Mohawk College McIntyre Theatre, Hamilton HURON ONLY

Fri Dec 11 Babylon, Ottawa HAPPY ENDINGS ONLY

The Dakota date is the last in our Wednesday residency for now, but we'll be back in January and February, sharpening our chops before the record comes out.

The album is streaming here: latentrecordings.com/huron

And here is the art. Thanks for reading. Hope you like it.


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p.s. Here we are at the Dakota last week. L-R Ian Blurton, Pete Hall, Cam Malcolm, Adam Melnick, Aaron Goldstein.


My only regret is that the photo doesn't convey the true number of amps that are onstage...which is 8. If you could see behind my guitar rig there, you'd see Adam's little fantasy keyboard land, with his organ and piano, and his beloved tape echo that informs so much of the psychedelia of both the Huron and Happy Endings sets.

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I just bought the digital download on Booche's strong recommendation...

Thank a drunk Tungsten for that!

Seriously its fucking great. I think every Skanc should buy this, else have their account either suspended for one month or deleted altogether. ;)

The Good Rev deserves nothing less in my mind. If you dont regularily support artists, at least support the ones on this board from time to time. This is a great cd to start with. It's amazing some of the talent that resides on this board.

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Thank a drunk Tungsten for that!

Shit yeah! This has been rocking my world and has edged out all others for commuting music last week...

I just went back and looked at that message...jeebus. No more mid-week drinking...well, maybe not this week...

OK i'm drunk and typing and these fat fingers canm't keep up with the surly ass fist pumpin that's going on imny living room right now.

GOod rev posted Huron on the board - find the post and listen to the free streaming album - it is fuÇking incredible. Wolfmother-slip-theband-b eatles-mountain fugging rock. If you still have a pair and didn't trade them for your first born you'd cough upa hte 8.99 USD and buy the mp3 download so this can tour and we can pump our fists and look at other people with that fuÇking 'I goddamn told you so motrherfucker!!!' look in our eyes. I am losing mys hti to this album and candidly emailnig your sorry ass to say ROCK THSI sh!t!



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