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I Really Need Good Vibes


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Good vibes to you Jaimoe. I hope everything turns out OK.

You might go to


for info on who to contact to see if you can get info. In particular,

Those who are concerned about Canadian relatives in the affected countries should contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade’s inquiry line at 1-800 387-3124. The Department of Foreign Affairs has responsibility for Canadian citizens travelling or living abroad.



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Thanks everyone.

I had to get out of my apartment or else I would have gone nuts - beers served by my bartender girlfriend always help. Thanks for all the thoughful words.

I'll keep you all informed. I'm still very upset, but I realize that I can't do anything.

Thanks for the offer of the phone-call Andre. It's too late now.

It's been a bad day and I've had an incredible week until tonight: I got engaged; my Christmas was the best since my dad died 8 years ago; and my new fiance allowed me to buy something that I've wanted in the last few years - a widescreen TV. I bought a Toshiba 44-inch DLP.

Thanks again everyone.

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