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Warning: Slansky/Passenger also harvests phone #s

Large Marge

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Wow. Do you remember our e-mail harvesting friend/foe from Passenger? Fuck you Jim /Fuck you Passenger

Well apparently he thinks it's OK to harvest other contact information as well, and to place unsolicited phone calls to the workplaces of would be (not!) fans. WTF?!?

I work in a professional office Mo-Fo! That was/is totally un-cool.

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I'm working on a radio play of this incident:

all be having auditions soon...

*ring ring ring *

LargeMarge: Hello? (phones ringing, office noises in the background)

JimSlanksy: Hey, yaa ummm, is this Large Marge from the, errrr.. jamm-bands community?

(relief indicated with slow nasal exhale)

LM: errr, yeah. who....

JS: You like jambands, eh? (breathly quickly, but very softly)

LM: huh? who is this? (getting concerned)

JS: You wore that Santa Hat at the parade eh?

LM: WHo in hell is this? Is this a JOKE?? I cant believe some one would call me at work....

JS: ummmmm... yeah. hahaha!! (laughing nervously)aaaaah, yeah. Hey!! It's me Jaydawg!!! Whats up GIRLfriend!??

LM: Jaydawg? This doesnt sound like jaydawg?

JS: I'm throwin a hype show at the ELMO tonight.. this fresh new band is playing- come give em a chance, its about time you did!! They're called 'passsenger...' they're tottally HYPIN!

LM:What is going on... I'm calling the police.

JS: free stickers...


JS: uuuuunm.Freee beer. (click)

.... this could go on and on.. how did the real conversation go Largemarge? sorry to have so much fun with this annoying situation.

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this is bullshit....here's the email Marge sent me this morning...she might be having a bad day?????...dunno


That footer is lame Jim... if you're going to continue to harvest

e-mails, please don't pretend to be apologetic about it. Folks can

deal, without you coming across as a wuss. Still waiting for a Toronto




my response


Margaret...lame...harvest...stem cells...I'm sorry ... am I pretending to be apologetic ..maybe I am a wuss ... hopefully we'll have a show in your area soon...I'll try to adapt to your advice...thanks...jim

...yeah i called this person because I don't find email is effective to have a discussion....she's obviously emailing me from work...

this person emails me and calls me lame and a wuss etc...and sends me her phone number so i called to try and clear up whatever I could in the name of harmony or whatever...then she tees off on me on this board...unbelievable...is this constructive in anyway...if it isn't then i suggest she shut the fuck up!

i'm just making music and this person is being angry and pent up with whatever she's got going on ... now she's making it my problem ...if she didn't want to be called at work she shouldn't have sent me her work number!!

this was brought to my attention by someone...I would never even have seen it otherwise.... I rarely visit this board anymore because it can become a forum for stuff like this!... believe whatever you will!!... we just make music and try to let people know about it...this is hilarious

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I sure wouldn't appreciate it if a private email thread was posted on a message board - especially if it had all of my work contact information.

Regardless of the issue, that cannot be excused.

Could you not have just said that you called her to discuss something regarding an email you received from her, and you NEVER use information to telephone people?

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i told you months ago to remove me, and you havent, FUCK YOU. thanks for nothing, I can guarantee you that i will NEVER see your shitty band, or give you even a dime of my hard earned money.


calling people at work about a show isnt very cool, or professional, in any form or shape.

i dont care if you're here "just to make music" or what, you are a friggin jerk.

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You're not a terrible person for it Jim. But you are thicker than Swedish rye bread when it comes to communicating with potential fans.

As a general rule you might want to just set up a website, get emails at shows and use a free thing like Yahoo Groups or similiar to manage the subscriptions.

People are very sensitive about personal information and privacy.

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