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Baj & cap'n's heady snoe.down review


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[blurb]overall another well-run moe. event !!!

they always seem to pull off a very smooth fest...

[color:purple](Tara will be adding in Purple) The only non-smooth thing about this festival was the glowstick police! The first night wasn't so bad, but the second night there was a guy walking through the entire dance floor taking away everyone's glowsticks. (Mind you, there were only about 50 glowsticks I saw all weekend.. This guy was determined) Anyways, he told us it was because people were smuggling heroin in them.. Now that makes sense, right? I didn't think so..

we rolled into town just in time to meet up

with my brother and friends from my home town

St. Stephen, NB.

had a quick drink and off to the races...






thanks for snapin' this one captain' ;)


Tea Leaf Green 5:30pm (Friday):

these guys used to impress me ALOT more...i’m

not sayin it was bad...but the novelty has worn

off a bit and nothing really got me that excited

except the fact that I was outta the car after that drive and I was at a music fest :)

pretty standard performance from these guys, but they did only have an hour so...

[color:purple]They sure got me dancing, but I think I was just excited to be there after the long drive.. Nothing really special music-wise on their part. I'm used to seeing them late-night, and it seemed like they were struggling with the hour time slot. I think if they would've had a longer and better slot then they'd bring it..


Peter Prince:

playing on the second stage over in the old

1932 Olympic building, also the indoor vending area

the band sounded good and basically served as background music while we took everything in as there was a lot going on in this room... including

a great jager booth with tons of swag giveaways... did you know jager has 56 herbs :o ha

well if ya knew that you got a nifty hat along with other fun freebies...

[color:purple]Baj took advantage of this on both nights!! Free stuff rules!



Little Feat:

Back to the 1980 big building main stage...

they started off slow and mellow

but kept building up to a great string of songs

to end their set dixie chicken > fat man in the bathtub > get up stand up :D what a fantastic band still going strong... it was good to see them after missing the pepper jack show!

[color:purple]This was my first time seeing them and my mom was really excited!! Haha! These guys rocked out and I was super glad I finally got to see them!


Sam Kininger Band:

back to the second stage, not us as we had to run back to the house we all rented which was a 5min walk from the venue which was great, since we took our little dog lexie and went to let her out.


Rich said these guys kicked ass and was his favorite band he caught that night besides moe.

[color:purple]Lake Placid is super beautiful! The weather was awesome that first night, and you gotta love that crisp mountain air!!

MOE first night:

Came out rockin' as always... although I enjoyed the second night of moe. more...

Set I: Tailspin, The Pit, Akimbo, Lost Along the Way, Tambourine, Happy Hour Hero> She

Set II: Spine Of A Dog> Buster, Macintyre Range, Kyle's Song> Bullet> Big World

Encore: Okayalright

[color:purple]This was my first time actually giving moe a chance.. I've been to many festivals that moe played, but I've never been interested in getting into them. I was really excited about this because Brian loves them and I knew I probably would, too.. I can tell you that this night didn't do them justice.. I was left disappointed on this first night..





The SLIP; 5:30pm Sat.

pretty much first band to start things up on day two, with a small turn-out due to their time slot

but I really enjoyed hearing their sound on the

main stage. ended their 1hr set with children of december, then threw a big ol blow up space man out into crowd which was fun :) They sounded fantastic !!!

[color:purple]I was super excited to get to listen to these guys since so many of you all love them.. They made me dance, and they also seemed like a weird bunch.. Which certainly appeals to me! Anyways, had a blast and the big blow-up astronaut was the icing on the cake! I thought liking these guys would make me truly Canadian until Baj bursted my bubble and told me they were American.. Haha..






It was great to hang out with you Passedoutbob and Mellie...we evern got a pic of us newly weds

[color:purple]You guys rock! Had a blast with you two!


Hot day at the Zoo;

back to the second stage for a nice surprise...

GREAT BLUEGRASS, these guys were a ton of fun

would definitely check em out anytime they might be near in the future!

[color:purple]We were walking towards this stage when I heard the mandolin.. Immediate smile on my face!!! I think that every good festival should have at least one bluegrass band, and these guys were awesome! They had us dancing and yelling "yee-haw!!" They sure made this Kentucky girl proud..


Brazilian Girls;

Main Stage - very interesting mix here of diff languages...and music.. ha I enjoyed them for sure

as something I have not really seen live before...but wouldn’t go see them as a headlining act... I'm glad I finally got to check em out though...

[color:purple]So funny!! The beat was amazing.. Perfect to dance to! I loved the multi-lingual lyrics and the funkyness of the lead lady.. My favorite song has to be "Pussy Marijuana".. Had me cracking up!! Oh, and by the way, why are they called the Brazillian Girls when there's only one girl?


missed Vorcza as Tara and I hung out at the main stage and got ready for Biscuit mania :P

[color:purple]Preparation was needed


ROCKED the place, came out covering Zepplin's Kashmir...which I thought was cool as hell being their first time covering this...

They ended their set very cool as well with Floyds Echoes, with Tom Hamilton (Brothers Past) on guitar...great fucking set !!!

Tara has really gotten me into these guys seeing a couple shows back in the fall and now this one being my third...really finally getting these guys, on top of the fact that I think they are really at the top of their career right now... here’s the setlist:

Kashmir1> Sweating Bullets, Abraxas, World Is Spinning, Confrontation, The Overture2> Liquid Handcuffs> Save The Robots, Echoes3

1 1st time played (Led Zeppelin)

2 unfinished

3 with Tom Hamilton (Brothers Past) on guitar

[color:purple]Yeah.. There's not much I could say that's bad about these guys.. I've been a hard-core Bisco fan since 2003 and the only thing that ever gets me mad is when they play short slots.. The Kashmir was a certain surprise, but I think it appealed to a lot of moe.rons, and that's why they did it.. But I wasn't messin' around.. I was ready to dance... World is Spinning was super-sick, and I loved Robots.. Always a fun one!! Tom Hamilton was perfect fitting in helping Barber with the guitar riffs.. So much fun!! But I wanted more..



MOE and their MONSTER final sets...

Fan fucking TASTIC ... had the place busting at

the seams with WAY more people in attendance and

just a killer set of songs... we were loving sitting back at first and just watching the place go off...it was sending shivers all through me just watching...loved the whole scene...


Tara got her wish... more biscuits :D

moe. switched out with them seamlessly during a super intense jam in the middle of mcbain...the biscuits brought the energy level up higher than I thought anyone was gonna bring it as they raged cyclone then finally seamlessly switched back to moe who finished mcbain and kept goin with their set for about another half hr or more...

what a finally :D

Set I: Not Coming Down> Wormwood> Wind it up, Plane Crash> Water> The Road

Set II: Lazarus> George> McBain> Jam1 2> McBain, Rebubula, Blue Jeans Pizza> Rise

Encore: Faker> Plane Crash

1 moe./bisco switch> Cyclone > bisco/moe. switch

2 Chuck on Al.'s guitar, Al. on Chuck's guitar, Jim on Rob's bass

my fav song during this set was chucks 'wind it up' just love that song...

[color:purple]Ok.. So THIS was the moe I wanted!! They definitely blew me away this night.. AMAZING light show and intense jams.. Sooooo much energy in the place!! I of course was loving the Bisco switch-off!! They brought the room to the most intense energy level!! It was INSANE!!!





had a great time for the second year in a row, so thankful I get to meet up with family and friends from my home at these events and that Tara got to meet everyone...

topped with amazing great music !!!

thanks again MS_Zimmy and Jambands.ca ;)

[color:purple]I'm sooooo thankful that Brian and I got to go.. It was such a blessing how things ended up happening! I finally got to meet my brother-in-law, along with Baj's childhood friends from NB.. I had an amazing time!! Thank you again (from me) Jambands.ca and Ms_Zimmy!!!

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nice review!

Oh, and by the way, why are they called the Brazillian Girls when there's only one girl?

They're all from Brooklyn too. No Brazilians to be found. She sings in German, Spanish, French, Italian and English.

Great band, I really like them.

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nice review!
Oh, and by the way, why are they called the Brazillian Girls when there's only one girl?

They're all from Brooklyn too. No Brazilians to be found. She sings in German, Spanish, French, Italian and English.

Great band, I really like them.

ditto on that

last time they played pepperjacks I told the keyboard dude they should tap into the dancin peoples itchin to get down at the verious jamband festivals (specifically moe.down and Bonnaroo), he said they were interested and had been thinking about it... great to see them out there, great band

thanks for the reviews!

the Slip's blow up space man rules!

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Great pics and review, the effort and time definitely "shows",.......thanks. :laugh:

backbacon...2 festivals a year, thats fantastic!

but we are starting a festival on the rock this year...'sprouting good vibes' to be coming to you late august sometime, and hence i can at least get one (overnight) festival in!

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Agreed...great review.

Sam Kinninger was INCREDIBLE! Sick version of Soulive's 1 in 7 on top of his other stuff. His band is also incredible.

Bisco was nuts, and really got the crowd amped up for Moe. The first night of Moe. was good, but not great. The second night was quite possibly the best Moe. show I've ever seen (after seeing 10+). Wind It Up had me smiling and hugging the people all around me, and Al's Bisco-esque solo in the Road was just insane (with the fastest strobe light going I've ever seen). All-in-all the best weekend I've had in a very long time!

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