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my commericial

afro poppa

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I got recruited for this thing while I was wasted (with a capital W) in the bar area in Hong Kong. This woman comes up to me and starts telling me all this stuff about how perfect I would be for this commercial and all that. I take her card and she takes my phone number all the while thinking its a hoax or something. The next day she calls me and asks me to come in for an audition. I go in, do the audition, and the next day she calls me and tells me I got the part. So here it is, my acting debut:

It's being shown only in parts of asia, but imagine my surprise sitting in my hotel room in India, watching a movie and then I see myself on TV...hahaha it was hilarlious.

Anyway enjoy...I am only in it for a split second but I am definately there...

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Ari....you're such a natural talent!!! ;)

that commercial was awesome, but really, I haven't had such an enormous belly chuckle in a loooong time, as I did when I read this:

haha well basically i had to prove i wasnt camera shy...they put me in front of a camera and said do something

...i ended up doing a 6 minute one-man interpretation of charlies angels

I demand you immediately put that piece into your dance-moves repertoire!!!!

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