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a special birthday to headymamamyrna

popo weenie

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Happy birthday to the headiest of mamas. You have shown me what it's like to be able to confide in and trust a mother, to be able to have fun with and admire a mother, and best of all... to have simultanious hangovers with a mother. ;)

Much love to you on your (should I say it? nah).... milestone birthday.

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Happy bday mom! Best ever but you arent allowed to date anyone on this board unless it is Northern Wish.

All you have to do is buy me some ketchup chips to sweeten the deal..........

Who am I kidding, like it could be sweeter than Myrna?!?!?

Have a wicked day, I hope you end up typing a message on here just like your sis,


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Thanks everyone for all the kind birthday wishes!

I have never felt so special in all my life.

I had a wonderful birthday.My family was here Friday night and surprised me with this computer which I am so in love with!

Saturday they surprised me again by having all my friends at a restaurant where we were going for lunch.That was very special too.

Today my friends took me to lunch and that was so nice.

The birthday just kept getting better and better and tonight my phone hasn't stopped ringing with birthday wishes.

Thank you JAimoe for being so very kind.

Thanks to Booche for approving who I can date on the board and yes I do have ketchup chips!!!!

Thanks again everyone for making my day so wonderful!

The Best Birthday Ever!

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