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Staples it's your birthday


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Happy Birthday Jonny Oak!!!

To this day I can't listen to a ween song without thinking of you! You have enriched my life in so many ways and I thank boognish for bringing us together. I hope you have the best birthday Steve - you deserve it!

Lots of Love


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I'll tell you this, I'm glad you were born

I'll drink another to you as I light my cigarette

throw another log on to desire

and play that mandolin

this chance won't come again

Cheers bro!

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la la la la la la la, it's your birthday mr. paperclips, it's yer freakin' birthday!!!!!!!!! yay steve!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope it is a fun-filled, non-stop, action-packed partay full of fun, fun, fun!!!!!!!!!

thanks for being so very you, i'm *SO* happy i know someone as awesome as y-o-u! looking forward to running into you somewhere along the way, it's been far too long. hope you have a scrumdiddlyuptious birthday!




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hey hey Taurus brother Steve, last year before next year's big changes

will be tossin a couple back for you

same birthday as James Brown and also the only girl I ever wanted to settle down for (best watch yourself ::)

have a great one buddy!

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Happy Birthday Mr. Richard Smoker..you're a poopy poker, chardonnay and cocaine at the spa??

Cigarrettes and coffee breath, Little boys on crystal meth

Tonight well tango in the street, you eat -- dark meat

Boodley bah boo, Boodley bah boo, Boodley bah boo bah

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