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Happy Birthday Jaimoe!


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happy birthday my well knowledged and goodly hearted friend (who I don't really know exept through these cathode ray tubes, stretched flat...)

do something for yourself you'll appreciate in retrospect 100 years from now

or get crazy ass drunked and terrify those who can't or just won't ever understand what... its a free for all!!!

(knew there was a reason Saturday was good too)

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Thanks everyone, and thanks Greg for the David Brent Office party scene. That was an unbelievably uncomfortable episode to watch.

Booche, POG, Douglas, my fiance Vicki, Cowboy and perhaps Stoned Phillips and Basher, will be heading out the The Soundtrack Of Our Lives show tonight.

I'll submit a concert review of the show as soon as I sober up.

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Happy birthday David Ball.

He didnt let any of us forget it was coming up at midnight last evening, as we trashed his pad. Broke 3 glasses, spilled 4 drinks, puked on the walls and (my personal favorite) Pete Townsend'd a 1960 Les Paul (shaped like an SG. Velvet, you would love this thing.). He is a little worried about it since it is a loaner. Say good-bye to that deposit for your house!



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Dave: Happy Birthday!!

next year we must plan some common debauchery. When I'm in a "drinkin' mood" there's nuttin I love better than challenging someone to match me shot for shot! As long as our respective spouses promise to carry us home -- what could possibly go wrong?

so consider this a practice year -- get in shape and we'll do it up "fine" next time 'round!

All the best,


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