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Where Were You Three Years Ago Today?

SteveThe Owl

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Watching the simulcast in a theater in Buffalo. Met some heads in the lot preshow for a few beers and a spliff (weird at a movie theater) and the fuzz were actually there keeping an eye on it.

While in the comforts of the A/C theater, and witnessing that performance, I was glad I was not there too. Felt sorry for a lot of folks who had to turn around. Not a great way to end it.

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I was at Coventry, with shit on my feet and piss in my ears.

That said, it wasn't all bad, and I'm glad I was there for the end (or at least what is presently known as the end). I'm looking forward to someday telling my kids about having to "walk ten miles through the mud to get to rock and roll shows back when I was your age. We didn't have no fancy hovering crafts, neither."

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