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So Im going back to school....in Nova Scotia?

Hal Johnson

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Hal an Axemen?!?

It's true my friends. I's a gonna gets me's an edumacation! Well, finish what I started 6 years ago.

I know!!

So ya, seriously, Krista and Zane and I are moving "Down East" in August. I'll be going to Acadia.

How's that for outta left field, huh?

KW (and surrounding area) folks - I luv ya to pieces, but papa's on a mission. Hopefully by the time Im done I will walk right in to the "real" Hal Johnson's office and tell him to get tha crap out - there's a new sheriff in town!

So wish me and the family good luck please, we'll need it!!

If anyone wants more details, please PM me, or call us. We just found out that everything was a go yesterday - so were pretty excited.

Peace homeys!

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That's great news! I almost went to Acadia for my undergrad... sometimes I wonder where my life may have gone if I had.

I'm a school junkie, so I couldn't be more excited for you guys. Hopefully we'll get to cross your paths a couple of times before you make the trek.

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Very envious indeed, maybe not about the Wolfville part but I'd love to go back. Part of me wants to use my unfinished degree at Dal and King's College as an excuse to relocate (and closer at least to a lovely Newfoundland flame) but I also just think about transferring the credits.

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