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What was your first concert?


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First attended ever : Mariposa Folk Fest - 1974 (with my ma emlove.gif )

First attended with friends - The Clash MLG Toronto 04/31/84.

First Dylan - Massey Hall - 04/19/80 & 04/20/80 (with my ma emlove.gif)

First GD w/ The Band - Canada's Wonderland - 06/21/84.(with Uncle)

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Mine was Bad Company & Damn Yankees. SUmmer between Gr. 7 and gr. 8. My Dad drove my friend Jason DaCosta and myself. He went to visit my aunt while went and rocked out! Bad Company (sans Paul Rogers) was so loud from up front that all I could hear was high-pitched squeaks. They played a bunch of new songs from their new album, which I think was called "We Fucking Suck Now." .. something like that anyways.

Damn Yankees put on pretty fun and interesting show. Some Ted tunes. Ted shot with a cross-bow a cardboard cut-out of Saddam that was travelling across the stage. Everyone cheered!


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aw keri you and dacosta! and i bet you both had the hockey hair in full force. so cute.

my first show was violent femmes and B-52's at canada's wonderland, i was 12, summer of 1992 with my friend and her folks. i remember thinking that the violent femmes were going to be a bunch of freaky chicks.

fun thread blair! ::

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First time I went to a "gig" was to see the Pink Floyd tribute band "Clearlight" at Highland Secondary School in Dundas back in, oh, I dunno, probably 1986 or something. I was in grade school. Strangely, they encored with "Aqualung"! ::

My next show, a "real" show, was the real thing: Pink Floyd at CNE Grandstands in late Summer 1987, the first of their two visits to T.O. on that tour. That was fun. ::

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Guest Low Roller

Mine would probably be Tulipalooza in Ottawa 1992 or 1993. Line-up was Blinker The Star, Punchbuggy, Furnace Face, and a fourth band that's on the tip of my tongue but I can't remember... Punchbuggy kicked ass. I still have one of their tapes that I bought at the show.

First major arena show I went to was Smashing Pumpkins in 1995 at the Corel Centre.

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Geeeezzz.....the early days!

CAn't remember the very first, but in the EARLY 80's i know i saw...Rod Stewart, Eurythmics, Platinum Blonde ::, Howard Jones, The Cure, The Smiths....anyone that had REALLY BIG eighties hair was tops with me :: pblonde.jpg

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great thread idea, babs!

my mom took me to tons of classical music concerts when i was a kid, so i guess those would be my official first concerts... but my first endeavour into the rock concert world happened unexpectedly one day in grade eight. this girl who lived down the street from me phoned me up after school, wanting to know if i would accompany her (free of charge) to see meatloaf up at the kitchener auditorium (her mom & aunt couldn't go at the last minute). in grade 6, we used to sing paradise by the dashboard light around the schoolyard at recess, so i thought what the hell, why not. it's free, it's an otherwise unoccupied tuesday night, i don't really like meatloaf, but i'll stay to hear that song. they played it for the very last song of 2nd encore. that was one of the longest, most torturous few hours i've spent. meatloaf. *shudder*

also that year, i got to partake in box seats for the barenaked ladies at the centre in the square. our box was pretty much right on the stage, at one point the used-to-be-fat guy came right over to us. ooooh. they're just as annoying live as they are on the radio.

oh, and i don't know if this counts as an actual concert, but when i was in grade seven, i was wandering through fairview mall here in town & saw a big lineup outside of HMV. i thought, wow, this looks exciting, got in line, and had the pleasure(?) of meeting world on edge and being crammed in with tons of crazy ladyfans for their instore performance. oooooooooooooooooh.

obviously a seasoned concert pro by the time i got to high school (hahahaha), my next concert, which is really the first one that matters, the first one i was ever faint-worthy excited over scoring tickets for, first one to make the mission allllll the way to the big city of toronto for, was in grade ten. maple leaf gardens. 1995. motherfuckin' beastie boys for their ill communication tour. AWESOME show. to this day, it remains one of the best concerts i have EVER been to in my entire life. bad brains was supposed to open, for some reason, didn't, and as such the bboys played an extra long set. they STOMPED toronto's ass. gawd, that concert rocked.... in the top 3 of all time for sure.

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For me, my first ever concert that I remember was RUSH at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1992. I was also 9. I went with my whole family and sat on the soundboard, because my mom knew RUSH's soundguy at the time. I don't remember if I loved or hated the show, but I remember the stage set-up was this giant blow-up devil like balloon that they exploded during the show and that scared the crap out of me.

My first show with friends that I distinctly remember was Bela Fleck and the Flecktones at the Opera House (10.27.98). I still have the tapes of the show and to this day, that was the best Flecktones show I have ever seen. Maybe because I was 15, super impressionable and overblown by the new community I was witnessing, or maybe it was Victor. :)

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